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Solo Travel

Image of the back of a woman looking out towards a forest and mountain - KILROY

Travel solo, never alone

Travelling with friends is amazing, especially when you share so many ''firsts'' together. But sometimes, we find ourselves having to fly solo. Or choosing to go our own way. And we're so much more open-minded when travelling by ourselves. 

But travelling solo doesn't mean having to travel alone. You can travel independently while still creating opportunities to meet new people and share unforgettable experiences with others. And here's where you'll find trips designed especially for solo travellers aged 18-to-30-something, as well as tips on how to travel by yourself. 

Already know where in the world you want to go? Check out our full range of destinations covering over 60 countries across all seven continents. All of our travel experiences are solo-friendly and our team of experts are here to help you plan your solo trip - whether it's your first-time travelling alone or you're a solo travel veteran.

Types of trips perfect for solo travellers

Image of a G Adventures tour group looking at Machu Picchu in Peru - KILROY

Small-group tours

The best way to make new friends when travelling? Join a group tour! You'll be matched up with like-minded fellow travellers, some of which will be travelling solo, just like you. 

Plus, you'll have the reassurance of an experienced guide to help get you from A to B while checking out all the local hotspots and backpacker highlights. 

View group tours

Image of a young man beside a turtle on a volunteer project in Thailand - KILROY


Make a difference while you travel and join a volunteer project. The best part for solo travellers? You'll be joining a group of ready-made buddies to share the experience. 

The projects we work with welcome travellers from all over the world, and these projects are popular with solo travellers looking for self-growth and a challenge. 

View volunteer projects

Image of a young woman working in a cafe on a working holiday - KILROY

Working holidays

Ever wanted to live in another part of the world while earning money to fund your travels? Then a working holiday is perfect for you! And travel partners are totally optional. 

With our range of working holiday arrival packages, we'll hook you up with other young travellers starting their adventure Down Under, in New Zealand or Canada. 

View working holidays


Image of a woman doing a cartwheel next to a Kiwi Experience bus - KILROY

Hop-on hop-off bus passes

You get to choose where you go, when you go, and how long you stay in each place. Plus, you can mix and match with your choice of accommodation and activities. 

Bus passes are perfect for solo travellers as you'll meet other independent travellers along the way. And who knows, some of them might become new-found besties? 

View bus passes

Image of hikers trekking the W Trek in Chile - KILROY

Trekking adventures

Want to challenge your physical fitness and endurance while gazing upon some of the world's most spectacular landscapes? 

Our trekking adventures are ideal for solo travellers - we can pair you up with other solos and you'll be joining a group of fellow hikers looked after by professional local guides. 

View trekking adventures

Image of a group of travellers on safari in South Africa - KILROY


If you want to spot the Big 5 and experience Africa's unique wildlife, a safari is the way to go. And travelling solo shouldn't stop you!

Our range of overland camping expeditions and lodge accommodated safaris are ideal for solos who want to save costs while experiencing a once-in-a-lifetime African adventure.

View safaris in Africa

Solo Traveller FAQS


Why should I consider a solo adventure?

We believe everyone should travel solo once in their life, as it's one of the most enriching trips you can make. It's all about self-discovery and personal growth, combined with all the freedom you could ever want when making a big journey. If you're travelling alone, you're the one in control of what you do, where you go and how you get there.

Going on a trip with friends is fun, but you always have to compromise in one way or another. It's hard to experience true independence, but on a solo trip you actually get that chance! Yes, this comes with the caveat that when things get difficult, you don't have someone with you to fall back on. But you will get to know yourself and how you tackle new and challenging situations. After the trip, you'll experience a great sense of accomplishment and it honestly feels amazing.

Solo travel is not a synonym for lonely travel. In hostels and on tours, there will be plenty of opportunities to make new friends to share experiences with. But no matter what, solo travel will always be an adventure. A leap outside your comfort zone, and a hugely rewarding one at that. You'll meet so many amazing people along the way, and memories you'll treasure for the rest of your life. 


Is it safe to travel solo as a female?

Probably the most-asked question from solo travellers, but a valid one. Let's put it this way: there's a big difference between safety and comfort. While a place can be entirely safe for you to travel to, it doesn't mean you won't encounter situations where you'll feel uncomfortable because of different social situations or cultural norms. It also doesn't mean there are no crimes, since, let's be honest - bad people exist everywhere.

Safety as a solo traveller, and especially as a female solo traveller, is more about being on your guard and taking the right precautions. That means avoiding walking alone late at night. Dressing respectably when visiting countries that favour modesty. And being confident enough to walk away from situations that you feel might get uncomfortable. 


What are the best countries to visit for solo travellers?

This is a tough one to answer - it's like asking us what our favourite destination is! Choosing one or a few options is impossible, so let us say this - as long as you're feeling safe and confident travelling there by yourself, it's a good place to go.

But if you're a newbie looking for destinations that are solo-traveller-friendly, we do have some suggestions for you. In Asia, those would be Thailand, Vietnam and Sri Lanka, while in South America both Peru and Ecuador are fantastic destinations for your first solo trip. Australia and New Zealand are always good ideas, especially as there's no language barrier to worry about. If you are thinking of somewhere else, don't let our suggestions hold you back, as our travel experts can cook up your dream getaway for all of the destinations we offer. 

Our top hostel picks for solo travellers
Hostels can make or break your solo travel experience. You want one that's bang in the centre of what's happening in town, and one that has funky common rooms and loads of social events. Selina, Lub D and Base are just some of the hostel brands we think you'll love, with properties across Latin America, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.
Image of a female backpacker looking out at a desert landscape in Greece - KILROY

Our first-timer's guide to travelling solo

Travelling solo for the first time and looking for some tips? Check out our guide with recommendations on how to prepare for your adventure, hostel etiquette 101 and why city walking tours can be a life saver. 

Read the guide

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