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Working Holiday

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Work, save, travel, repeat

If you're between 18 and 30 years of age, we can help you complete your dream to live and work Down Under in Australia, in New Zealand, or even across the pond in Canada. Make money while travelling around these three epic countries. 

A working holiday is the best combination of work & travel

The combination of working and travelling provides you with a unique experience to really get to know the local culture and the people who live there. This is your opportunity to experience what the average tourist never comes close to!

If you're a British citizen, with a working holiday visa you can get limited residence and work permits in:

  • Australia (up to three years)
  • New Zealand (up to three years)
  • Canada (up to two years)

This means that you can work and make money to fund your travels in these beautiful countries. Another benefit for young travellers is the opportunity for a flexible itinerary as you don't have to work for the same employer the whole time. Instead, you can work awhile in one location before hitting the road again and looking for a new job at your next stop. 

Is it easy to find a job on a working holiday visa?

It should be fairly easy to get a job - it mostly depends on your own requirements for a job and your expectations. Although it's not possible to make big jumps in academic careers while on a working holiday visa, it's fairly easy to get a job as a waitress, cleaner, clerk or perhaps the more exciting job as a guide, diving instructor or cattle farmer. The intention of a working holiday is, of course, the actual holiday, but you get the opportunity to work and finance the experience along the way.

What do I need for a working holiday?

For starters, you'll need the right visa - a working holiday visa. You'll also need sufficient funds in your bank account to prove that you can financially look after yourself when you first arrive and book a return flight home. You may also need to provide medical certificates but you can find out more about the specific requirements when you pick your destination and visa. 

How do I plan my working holiday?

While planning a working holiday experience in Australia, New Zealand or Canada, you'll no doubt have a few questions. Is it easy to get a job? How much can I expect to earn? How do I find a place to stay? How to combine the easiest job with pleasure and experiences?

We recommend that you start with one of our working holiday starter packages along with your visa. We will arrange to pick you up at the airport, arrange for the first few nights of accommodation, answer questions and help you get started with bank accounts and a local tax file number.

Can I extend my working holiday?

When you first apply for a working holiday, you'll be applying for a one-year visa. But all three countries give you the option to extend - for Australia and New Zealand, you can extend for up to three years, whereas for Canada you can extend for up to two years. Requirements vary so check with us to find out more.

Why go on a working holiday with KILROY?

We work with partners that are thoroughly vetted and quality checked so you can feel safe and rest assured that things are in order.
Always there
We're with you all the way. If something unexpected happens, you can trust that we're there to help you out.
Planning ahead
We're all for freestyling but deciding on certain things before you go saves you from spending precious travel time sorting out practicalities.

Check out our working holiday packages

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