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Image of a woman wearing a conical hat and serving up delicious fried fish at a food stall in Thailand - KILROY
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Travel to Thailand - the hub of Asia

From Chiang Mai in the north to Koh Lanta, Koh Phi-Phi, Koh Samui and all the other islands in the south - a journey to Thailand has it all. Think, beautiful beaches, all the sun and heat one could dream of, amazing caves, unique diving opportunities on beautiful coral reefs, marvellous rainforests, exciting wildlife, temples, compelling cultural experiences, totally delicious food, and friendly and welcoming locals. Yep, there's a good reason why Thailand is known as the "Country of Smiles". On top of all this are the low costs of everything as you travel around Thailand.

Thai cuisine

Thai food has to stand out for special attention. It is one of the great Thai experiences. The food is quite simply fantastic, and you are able to savour one delicious taste after another. If you think you've eaten good Thai food at home, think again. The variety on offer is amazing, the seasoning and spices are heavenly, and the prices are unbelievably cheap - especially from street vendors where you can pay as little as £1 for a dish such as fried rice (Khao Pad) or Pad Thai (fried noodles).

Different experiences in Thailand

Entertainment and atmosphere are at a peak during the intense Thai boxing fights that are arranged all over Thailand. If you want to try your talents out in a more peaceful way, then a Thai cooking course is highly recommended. If you want to slow down the tempo a notch, find one of the many Thai massage "shops" for a relaxing Thai massage. Your body will love you for it! 

Shopping in Thailand

You can find some very affordable tailor-made clothes (suits, shirts, etc.) whilst in Thailand. There are also great bargains to be found on the streets and alleys where the best deals are done. Thai silk, handmade goods and gold jewellery can often be bought for a low price if you're willing to negotiate. 

Travelling around Thailand

It's really cheap to fly domestically within Thailand, especially if you book online. Buses are also very cheap, and even though most have toilets and air-conditioning, for the sake of that little extra comfort, it's worth choosing one of the VIP buses, as drinks and snacks are often included in the price.

Where to go in Thailand

Thailand offers a diverse range of destinations, including bustling cities like Bangkok, stunning beaches in Phuket and Krabi, ancient temples in Chiang Mai and Ayutthaya, and national parks for hiking and wildlife spotting. Here's some of our favourites.

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