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New Zealand

Image of two surfers in the water with their surfboards in New Zealand - KILROY
Image of a hiker at the top of a hill overlooking a beautiful lake in New Zealand - KILROY

Travel to New Zealand - action and wild nature

On a trip to New Zealand you will become primarily acquainted with the two major islands: North Island and South Island. A trip to New Zealand will give you loads of fantastic experiences, especially in the great outdoors. If you like action, the islands offer bungee jumping, skydiving, white water rafting and much, much more. The scenery is magnificent, and you are guaranteed to become deeply fascinated in this beautiful country.

North Island

On the North Island you can see the most spectacular glaciers and get close to the life of the indigenous Maori culture. Up in the north, it is also possible to see impressive volcanoes, beautiful beaches and a number of scenic national parks with excellent opportunities for trekking and camping.

South Island

The South Island offers, among other things, Kaikoura, where you can take an impressive whale safari and also see the unique birds of the area. Further down South Island there is an opportunity to sail on one of the world's most spectacular sailing trips while in the midst of the staggering beauty of the Milford Sound fjords, also called the "Eighth Wonder of the World". The nature is very diverse in New Zealand and you can find fascinating hot springs, geysers, breathtaking mountain lakes, rainforests, an exciting wildlife and much more. Throughout the country (especially on the South Island), you can take part in action-packed entertainment, such as skydiving, jet boating, bungee jump and rafting, but also try the slightly less breakneck adventures, such as horseback riding and kayaking.

Meet the locals: New Zealand's "Kiwis"

One of the best things about a trip to New Zealand is the local population, known as 'Kiwis'. Meet them over a pint of beer and a rugby match in one of the cosy pubs and enjoy their friendly company and good humour. It can be difficult at first to understand their strong dialect and their slang - and there really is a lot of slang! They enjoy making fun of the neighbouring people in Australia, so if you know an 'Aussie' joke, you will instantly become popular!

Backpacking in New Zealand

One of the most rewarding ways to travel around New Zealand is to hire a campervan and discover the country on your own, and at your own pace. If you are more into travelling with others, you can also go by the extensive bus system.

Best places to visit in New Zealand

New Zealand has so many amazing and beautiful destinations - here are a few of our favourites. 

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