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Travelling to Oceania - Go Down Under!

Many associate Oceania with Australia, which is natural as it makes up the biggest land area in the region. However, Oceania has a lot more to offer and there are endless adventures waiting for you. Whether you are into partying for three months with other backpackers or prefer the quieter experience on a desolate island paradise, Oceania is the place to go. It offers a bit of everything. One thing you can’t miss no matter what, is the amazing nature.

Outback, urban life, and reefs in Oceania

In Australia, you can travel for days in the remote Outback without meeting another human being, or you can live the city life in one of the pulsating metropolises of Sydney or Melbourne. Either way, make sure you dive on one of the thousands of coral reefs that make up the Great Barrier Reef, surf on one of the fantastic beaches, or explore the wild nature that is so distinctive and unique to this enormous country.

Oceania has it all when it comes to climate and nature. Australia's neighbour, New Zealand, offers glaciers and alpine ski areas in the country's southern part, whilst in the northern part there are fantastic beaches and lush fertile forests. Further out in the Pacific, on Fiji you will be blown away by sheer number of unbelievably beautiful beaches, colourful coral reefs and fish that inhabit them just a few metres from the shore.

Meet the locals

Possibly the biggest attraction of this fascinating continent are its inhabitants. Nearly everywhere you go in Oceania you'll encounter a laidback attitude to life. You will quickly feel relaxed and in good company here. A great way to experience Australia or New Zealand is to do a working holiday, which allows you to work, earn money and experience the country and its inhabitants in a totally different for up to three years, in some cases. 

Getting around in Oceania

Distances in Oceania are HUGE, so an inexpensive way of getting about, whether it's within the same country or island hopping around the Pacific, is to buy an airpass. For travelling around Australia and New Zealand we highly recommend purchasing a bus pass. The buses cover pretty much all of the country and can take you to some of the most out-of-the-way places. If you're after a little more freedom or independence you could rent a car or campervan. 

Best places to go in Oceania

Where will your Oceania adventure take you - Australia, New Zealand or Fiji? Or how about all three? 

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