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Lake Titicaca Catamaran 2D/1N (Puno to La Paz)


Lake Titicaca Catamaran 2D/1N (Puno to La Paz)

Day 1: Puno - Lake Titicaca, Bolivia

Take an early transfer to Copacabana. Enjoy a tour of the town before boarding the catamaran and heading to Isla del Sol to explore then head to Chua Harbor.

Transfer from Puno - Isla del Sol (L/D)
Transfer to Copacabana Sanctuary for a brief guided visit. At the Copacabana harbor you will board the Catamaran cruise ship to sail to Sun Island, the birthplace of the Inca Empire. In this legendary island you will visit the Inca Garden, Stairs and Fountain. The itinerary continues with a visit to the Inti Wata Cultural Complex which includes two underground Museums of Archeology and Anthropology, the Traditional Medicine and the Titikaka Reed Shipbuilders Display Centers, the Pachamama agricultural Inca Terraces, a handicraft display, the Intica Lounge and at the Manco Kapac gazer a variety of Andean camelids. The Inti Wata Complex is the main private tourist attraction in Bolivia, available only to Catamaran Cruise Ship clients and includes a unique sailing experience on board a huge Titicaca traditional reed vessel for a panoramic visit to the Pilkokaina Inca Palace.
Afterwards, board the Catamaran cruise again to sail while enjoying a buffet lunch. During this navigation you will be able to admire the Andean Mountain Range which on the Bolivian side of the lake is breathtaking; then the Cruise crosses the Tiquina strait overlooking the native made pontoons used to transport vehicles.
Once the Cruise arrives to Chua harbor, the itinerary continues with a short walk and visit to a typical house inhabited by an indigenous couple appreciating the livelihood of Aymara people in the high plateau. Later at night, dinner will be served on board and afterwards enjoy an indigenous folkloric performance. Overnight on board, in double cabins with exterior view and private bathroom.

Day 2: Lake Titicaca - La Paz, Bolivia

Continue navigation towards the island of Partiti and Kalauta to explore before heading to Pata Patani and finally returning to La Paz, where your trip ends.

Explore Lake Titicaca & Arrival in La Paz (B/L)
After buffet breakfast on board, continue navigation enjoying the overwhelming panorama of Lake Titicaca towards the islands of Pariti and Kalauta and the Andean lake community of Pata Patani. Pariti Island was supposed to be a ceremonial site, visited by people from beyond the Andes. There is a museum with archeological pieces dated to Tiwanaku culture.After Pariti the itinerary continues to Kalauta Island navigating in typical fishing barges that will allow a unique experience rowing among the totorales (reed plants) giving a special sense of peace and mysticism that this pristine area of the Lake provides.
Kalauta is known for its funeral towers and it was once an ancient stone town considered an important pre-hispanic necropolis. The itinerary continues through a large amount of Totora reeds to finally reach again the Catamaran Cruise Ship. Aboard the Catamaran enjoying a lunch on board, we reach the isolated indigenous community of Pata Patani. In this community, visitors have the opportunity to appreciate the lifestyle, traditions and daily activities trough an agreement of Community Tourism with Transturin. The community welcomes visitors at the port with flower garlands and makes them actively participate in their dances to the sound of typical instruments. This community is very rooted to ancient traditions and still makes a livelihood of fishing. A visit to the Pata Patani Museum is also in the itinerary; this museum shelters the oldest best preserved Andean mummy called Tani.
Afterwards, the Catamaran Cruise takes you to Chua port to then by land reach the city of La Paz.


What’s included?

Extra expenses at the destination
No Local Payment


1 night(s) accommodation included

Local transport

  • Van & Catamaran
  • All transfers & catamaran tour


  • 1 Breakfast(s)
  • 2 Lunch(es)
  • 1 Dinner(s)

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Please keep in mind that in some cases there are few passengers booked for this tour, and assuch, it may be run as a private tour instead of asmallgroup.

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