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Group trips by KILROY


Group Adventures Made The KILROY Way

We believe the world is best explored with other people. Our KILROY-designed group trips are for adventurous and young, curious minds who want to explore the world with other like-minded travellers. We don’t do group tours the normal way, instead we focus more on international community-building in small groups, local guides and having more free time to explore on your own.


Our group trips are built on a framework we call The KILROY Way, which contains all the elements of travel we think are essential for a truly life-defining adventure - something you'll remember for the rest of your life. The five ingredients for The KILROY Way are Local, Slow, Grow, Adventure and Sustainability.



Local experiences allow you to become active participants in a community or destination, instead of just spectators. Going local is about seeking out experiences that provide insight into the local culture and the people who call the destination home. Choose a local accommodation option like a homestay, overnight in a local village or seek out hostels that are locally owned and operated. Participate in activities led by community members to gain historical and cultural insight, go for meals at those authentic mom-and-pop shops and take advantage of local transportation options.



Even though going slow is often the more sustainable option in regards to transport, slowing down your travels will enrich your overall experience through a 'less is more' approach. Your transportation choices on a journey can get you closer to the cultures you visit - something you would miss out on when choosing a short haul flight to get you from A to B. Try using public transport like trains and chicken buses to get a real feel for your destination while experiencing things you would not otherwise. Slowing down your travels is a deliberate choice to make room for more curiousity and spontaneous decisions. These are the moments when authentic encounters will present themselves to you, and where the unknown will lead to the unexpected highlights of your trip.



Travel is the ultimate opportunity to take you out of your comfort zone and will introduce you to new places, cultures, ideas and experiences. In these moments you're much more open to different perspectives, leading to increased self-awareness and personal growth. Often, travellers return home changed by the experiences they've had abroad, like connecting with strangers, learning a new language or simply trying new things.



Travel is an exciting and thrilling experience that can open doors to a new world. While an adventure abroad can be challenging, it's also filled with wonder and most of all fun! Whether that's attending a cooking class, bungee jumping, or partying the night away under the stars - being open to exploration and spontaneity make every adventure a thousand times better and turns your travels into the trip of a lifetime!



We acknowledge our responsibility to make the world a better place through travel. Being responsible is more than just skipping the flights. It's as much about making sure the money stays in the local communities, protecting and respecting the places we visit, preventing over-tourism, and securing animal welfare. It’s also about informing KILROY travellers on how their actions impact the planet and providing them with the knowledge to make more informed choices before, during and after their journey.

While we are in no way perfect, we are striving for a better tomorrow. We believe that small intentional choices can make a difference and can leave a transformative impact on the places we visit, the people we encounter and for the living things that share the planet we call home.

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