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Tripmates 23 to 31

Image of a group of travellers around a camp fire - KILROY

Nature-based adventures in small groups

Are you looking for a break from your busy life, but need more than just the typical holiday?

Fed up with coordinating schedules with friends who can't travel at the same time or don't want to experience the same things as you?

Then our Tripmates 23-31 tours are designed for you!

Our Tripmates 23-31 tours are tailored small-group adventures designed with your budget and hunger for exploration in mind. Travel with like-minded young adults from across Europe on trips packed with nature, adventure and relaxation - skipping the usual tourist spots in favour of unique experiences.


  • Extraordinary experiences and destinations - Sick of just scratching the touristy surface? Tripmates takes you to the core of each amazing destination you visit, by slowing down the way you travel. Travel less, but experience more - interact with locals and gain deeper perspectives on life and travel, whether you’re trekking through the Himalayas or climbing the Albanian Alps.


  • A lot of bang for your buck and free travel buddies included - Our trips have a mix of cool activities included for a price that's hard to beat. Without the awesome people you'll be travelling with, we wouldn't be able to make this happen. Our Tripmates 23-31 itineraries are packed with experiences that might be too challenging or pricey to undertake solo, and we are convinced good company makes for a much better travel experience!


  • Challenge yourself and reflect - One of the key elements of Tripmates 23-31 is boosting mind and body, strengthening your wellbeing, and providing you with a real break from your regular 9 to 5. Tripmates isn’t just some well-spent time off - it’s an opportunity to challenge yourself, discover new places, and grow as a person with activities and experiences that push you to develop new skills, practice mindfulness, and find a better balance in your daily life.


Need more convincing that our Tripmates 23-31 tours are for you? Check out these six reasons why you should book!

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