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Japan Adventure

Day 1

WELCOME TO TOKYO! - TOKYO Welcome to Tokyo! Once you arrive and check in at the hostel you'll then have plenty of time to recover from your flight and relax before you meet everyone in your group.

Day 2

TOKYO & NIGHTLIFE - TOKYO First up is a visit to the Senso-ji Temple; Tokyo's oldest Buddhist temple, before heading over to the Meiji Shrine. Next up we discover colourful Harajuku as well as the iconic Shibuya Crossing (the world's busiest intersection!) Later tonight we'll experience some of Japan's quirky restaurants and hilariously tiny bars in Shinjuku.

Day 3

SUSHI CLASS & THE ELECTRIC CITY - TOKYO We are starting our day with full bellies, learning the art of sushi rolling by a sushi master. Next up, we'll be exploring Tokyo with a bit of free time, followed by the futuristic sounds of Akihabara. This ??Electric City' is famous for its arcades, maid cafes, Japanese photo booths and game centres.

Day 4

BULLET TRAIN, ORIGAMI AND ONSENS - NAGANO It's time to experience the 200mph famous bullet train! We'll reach Nagano just in time to try out the ancient art of origami, then take a relaxing dip in an Onsen (a volcanic hot spring)! This evening we'll live like the locals and settle in to our traditional Japanese Ryokan, sleeping on tatami mats and comfy futon bedding.

Day 5

NOODLES, MOUNTAINS & SNOW MONKEYS - NAGANO This morning we'll dive deeper into Japanese cuisine, by learning to roll our own soba noodles. We'll then venture out into the mountains, spotting the region's famous snow monkeys, also known as Japanese Macaques. These red-faced troublemakers play amongst the trees in summer & warm by bathing in the natural hot springs in winter. We'll then take our time exploring the gorgeous lakes and forests of Shiga Kogen National Park (summer), enjoying the fresh mountain air.

Day 6

NAGANO TO HAKONE - HAKONE Today we'll shoot off again by bullet train to the stunning Hakone, a spot famous in Japan for it's jaw dropping views of Mount Fuji.

Day 7

EXPLORING HAKONE - OSAKA We'll spend the morning exploring the stunning region of Hakone by pirate ship and cable car, where on a clear day you'll have unrivalled views of Mount Fuji. Next up is Osaka, where we'll head out for a BBQ dinner on us and fuel up for a night out, Osaka style. Get ready to bust out some karaoke classics!

Day 8

OSAKA CASTLE - OSAKA Spend the morning relaxing or exploring Osaka's awesome shopping. Later we'll visit the incredible Osaka Castle, first built over 400 years ago. Here we'll learn about Japanese history and Japan's ancient warriors, the Samurai. We'll finish up by heading over to Dotonburi, Osaka's famous canal region and home to some of the best food in the country!

Day 9

BUDDHIST TEMPLE STAY - KOYASAN We head back to the mountains today for a once in a lifetime experience – staying overnight in a 1000 year old Buddhist temple in the fascinating town of Koyasan. Here we'll be taught meditation by the monks and served their traditional cuisine. Later we'll have a night-time stroll through Japan's largest cemetery.

Day 10

KOYASAN & KYOTO - KYOTO Today we wake up early for an unforgettable experience – watching the Buddhist monks perform their morning prayer service and fire ceremony. We will be served the traditional breakfast by the monks before travelling to our last destination, Kyoto, Japan's ancient capital. Tonight we get to learn about Japan's mysterious Geishas with a tour of Gion.

Day 11

BAMBOO FOREST & THE GOLDEN PAVILION - KYOTO Make sure your phone's charged today! First up is the Instagram famous Bamboo Forest of Arashiyama, perfect for shots surrounded by the towering bamboo. We then head to the beautiful Golden Pavilion. Tonight's a free evening to hit up a sushi restaurant, find a bar, or challenge your mates to a round of bowling or games in the arcades.

Day 12

FUSHIMI-INARI & SAMURAI EXPERIENCE - KYOTO Today the endless Torii gates of Fushimi-Inari await! One of Japan's most iconic shrines will blow you away as we explore the winding trails of the ancient mountain. In the afternoon, we will be taught how to wield a traditional sword by a Samurai master who's dedicated their life to the art of the sword. Experience the finesse of these weapons as you channel your inner warrior and slice through rolled bamboo. Tonight we'll have our last dinner and drinks together to celebrate our time in Japan!

Day 13

DEPART KYOTO OR EXTEND YOUR STAY - KYOTO Your amazing 13 day adventure comes to an end. You can either check out and make your way back home, stay on longer in Kyoto or continue your travels in Japan. Return to Tokyo options available.

What’s included?



Local transport

Coach / Bus
Local Transport
Train & Rail


Breakfast: 11
Lunch: 2
Dinner: 2

Additional info

  • Passport & Flight Tickets
  • Arrival Information
  • Travel Insurance Documents
  • Appropriate Temple Attire (covered shoulders, chest & knees)
  • Light Rain Jacket
  • Insect Repellant

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