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Compact C-19 | Cruise America

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Image of the Compact C-19 Campervan in the USA - KILROY

A Compact C-19 motorhome from Cruise America gives you the feeling of ultimate freedom while you travel around the USA or Canada.

All the necessities are on board, and you don't have to worry about finding local transportation or accommodation. You've got your rental vehicle and hotel in one package!

The Compact C-19 model has a full featured kitchen and bathroom area with amenities and a double bed located above the driver's cockpit. This model is ideal for a couple, three friends or a young family with one child. The Compact C-19 motorhome features an automatic gearbox, so all you have to concentrate on is cruising the American and Canadian highways!

The floorplan features a unique rear kitchen design with all the amenities of a larger motorhome. With two-metre ceilings and walk-through convenience, even tall campers can enjoy this compact vehicle.

First-time renters will appreciate the narrower 2.3-metre width that makes driving in hilly areas safer and easier and makes parking a breeze.

As with all Cruise America motorhomes, excess weight has been removed without sacrifice to structural integrity. Reducing vehicle weight and inflating tires with nitrogen to maintain tire pressure results in better gas mileage.

Minimum age for renting this model is 21 years.

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Rental locations in the USA and Canada

Map of the Cruise America rental locations in the USA and Canada - KILROY


  • Spacious living room cabin
  • Sleeps up to three people
  • Bathroom with toilet
  • Fridge
  • Gas cooker top
  • Gas supply
  • Microwave


  • Ford V8 engine with automatic transmission
  • Power brakes and power steering
  • Air conditioning and Cruise Control
  • Sound system
  • Energy efficient LED lighting
  • Propane/AC/DC refrigerator
  • Stove
  • 151L fuel tank and 45L propane gas tank
  • 76L fresh water / 64L sewage water / 62L grey water tank
  • Length: 6.1m

Driving and sleeping

The Compact C-19 Motorhome has power steering, power brakes and automatic transmission. If you've never tried an automatic before, don't worry - it's a piece of cake and it will only take a short while to figure out.

This model sleeps three people in the integrated living space in the back. During night the seating area and table easily converts into a single bed. The double bed is permanent above the driver's cockpit. This Cruise America C19 model is ideal for a couple or three friends travelling together.

Kitchen and bathroom

The Compact C19 model has a full featured kitchen and bathroom area with amenities including a central heater for those chilly nights in the mountains. The kitchen sink has an electric pump that is hooked up to the cold water tank. The stove has two built-in burners - enough for the master chef to cook a splendid camping dinner. There is also a microwave oven and a refrigerator with a freezer compartment. The bathroom is equipped with a combination shower and fresh water flush toilet.

Rental locations and one-way rental

There are 37 Cruise America rental centres in the United States, Canada, and Alaska from which you can depart. Travel to Mexico is not permitted. It is possible to book one-way rentals between all of Cruise Americas rental stations within the USA. One-way rental is not possible between USA and Canada. A one-way rental fee applies and costs between USD $250-700 depending on the distance of the one-way travel.

Please note that there is a possibility that this model is not available in all rental locations.

Air-conditioning and heating

The rooftop air conditioner is easily controlled from within the motorhome to keep you cool and comfortable when the outdoor air is a little too warm. It's powered either by plugging into the campground external power or the onboard generator outlet (only some vehicles). The air conditioning unit also works as a heater for those chilly days.

Fresh water toilet

With a pressurised fresh water tank the toilet feels more like home. A large capacity sewage tank allows you to stop less and is easy to use.


Take the kitchen with you, thanks to the gas/electric refrigerator. The fridge holds a good amount of food and drinks for a couple of days. There is a small freezer compartment inside the refrigerator.


Each Cruise America motorhome comes with a microwave oven as part of the complete kitchenette. Not having to eat out at restaurants is one of the attractions of travelling in a motorhome, and we all know how handy a microwave oven can be when you're preparing snacks or meals!

Generator (USA only)

The 4KW generator that's built-in to each motorhome is designed to provide power to the rooftop air conditioner, all of the 120-volt outlets, the microwave oven and the refrigerator. It will also recharge the auxiliary battery. This is an especially useful feature if you are not camping in a campground with power hookups.

Rental costs

The rental price varies according to demand and season. You'll get the lowest price if you book your C-19 Motorhome well in advance when availability is high. It's also cheaper to travel during low season. On the other hand, if you book close to your departure date or book your camper for high season, you'll pay more. It's just like flight tickets! For an accurate quote on your preferred travel dates, please get in touch - we're here to help.

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