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USA and Canada Campervans & Motorhomes

Image of a campervan on a road in the USA - KILROY
Image of a horseshoe bend in the Grand Canyon in the USA - KILROY

Campervans and motorhomes in the USA and Canada

A compact campervan or a large motorhome gives you the feeling of ultimate freedom while you travel around the USA or Canada. All the necessities are on board, and you don't have to worry about finding local transport or accommodation. You've got your rental vehicle, bedroom and restaurant in one package! We offer several campervan and motorhome types and models for rent in the USA and Canada. 


A campervan is similar in size to a minivan and drives much like a regular car. It's easy to handle due to the compact dimensions. Most campervans sleep two people inside the vehicle but some models also feature a rooftop tent option. Cooking facilities are limited to a kitchenette at the rear of the vehicle. A compact electric cooler is included in all models.


A motorhome is a large vehicle similar in size to a minibus. No special driver's licence is needed to drive our rental vehicles in the USA and Canada. Although motorhomes are larger, they are easy to drive due to the infrastructure found throughout USA and Canada. Motorhomes feature a cockpit, living space, bed unit(s), full kitchen, bathroom, storage space and more. A motorhome is also known as a "Recreational Vehicle" or simply "RV" in North America.

Important information

The high season for campervan rental in the USA and Canada runs from late May to early October. The earlier you book, the cheaper. As availability goes down, the campervans and motorhomes become more expensive. So don't wait too long to book your adventure!

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