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Climate Responsibility

Aerial view of a road in Romania | KILROY

KILROY's take on Responsibility & Climate

If you want to know more about our take on our responsibility and the climate, you've come to the right place. Here you can find the answers to your most common questions. 


Why does KILROY continue to sell flights?

Because at KILROY, we believe in the power of travel and the positive effects it generates.

By travelling, we learn. We learn to embrace the differences in the world, and learn how to communicate with people from other cultures. We believe this creates a stronger globally community, a "sharedness" that can reduce conflict. Travel teaches us to embrace differences with an open mind, and shines a light on both the strengths and weaknesses of our home country, as well as the cultures we meet. 

Travel is a force for change. By travelling we can contribute to the financial development of a less wealthy country, and thereby contribute to a more equal distribution of wealth and stability. Travelling can help create a more equal world, because revenue form the tourism economy contributes to local development. Especially, in very remote places, and areas that have limited access to growth without tourism.

And although flying is not the only way to get from A to B, it is the only feasible way for many people. 

What climate initiatives are KILROY working on?

Read about our key climate initiatives in Nicaragua and Madagascar.

What is KILROY's take on Responsibility in general?

It is important to see climate initiatives as part of a broader and more holistic approach to our responsibility. We have a lot to do before we regard ourselves as a responsible company. But we have embarked on a journey to becoming more responsible for our impact, not only on the climate, but on the local communities we send passengers.

If we take our carbon offsetting initiative, the projects we support deliver on a broad range of the UN's Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs). In this sense, the value of carbon offsetting becomes greater than solely reducing emissions - carbon offsetting becomes a key driver in improving the lives of local communities affected by climate change.

Why has KILROY focused on projects that also meet a number of SDGs ?

The UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) reflect a broader take on responsibility than climate initiatives alone. And this broader perspective is one we at KILROY want to address on responsibility.

Why has KILROY chosen myclimate as a partner?

We had a panel of independent, internationally acclaimed advisors to consult with us, and based on the criteria we defined, myclimate was the recommended choice because they provide:

  • A calculation that "neutralises" the carbon emissions
  • Identification of the projects involved


Myclimate is one of the frontrunners in voluntary carbon offsetting. The myclimate/KILROY carbon offsetting model focuses on the support of two high-quality, community-based projects that not only save carbon emissions, but also reach out to thousands of beneficiaries and contribute effectively to the SDGs. The myclimate/KILROY model calculates the full impact on the climate of the travel activity, whereas other models focus on carbon emissions only.

Does KILROY compensate staff flight travel?

Yes. Since March 2020, all company flight travel will be registered for carbon offsetting. The calculation of carbon offsetting will be based on the same calculation model provided by myclimate to calculate carbon emissions. 

Does KILROY earn an income/share of the carbon offsetting paid?

No - all carbon offsetting payments made will go directly to myclimate. All carbon offsetting is registered and will be monitored by myclimate and transferred to myclimate. You can read more in our myclimate FAQs.

Is it possible to compensate for bus and train travel?

Presently there is no strong model for carbon offsetting of other means of transportation than flights. It is a continuously evolving topic, and experts within the field have yet to agree on the right way to calculate this and monitor it efficiently. We will offer this option when there is a solid set-up. ​​​​​​

Where can I find more info on what I can do as a traveller?

We are working on a list of actions on what you can do yourself as a traveller and will share this with you when it's ready.

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