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KILROY and myclimate



We believe in the transformational power of travel.


Our belief is that this power is best ignited if each human being acts responsibly when they explore - near or far away. We can't, however, ignore that air travel has a significant impact on our personal footprint, and as a company, KILROY is working towards a more sustainable approach to exploring the world.


Rather than not offer travellers long-distance flights, we prefer to invest in genuine CO2 compensation efforts to offset carbon emissions from flights. It's something we do for our staff travel, and it's something we offer our customers the chance to do, too. We've partnered with myclimate to monitor the impact of the projects we support to ensure the money spent on CO2 offsetting ends up in the right place and contributes effectively to combatting climate change.


Read on to find out more about the KILROY and myclimate partnership.

Villagers in Nicaragua working on the myclimate reforestation project - KILROY UK
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One of the projects KILROY supports in Nicaragua


Villagers in Nicaragua working on the myclimate reforestation project - KILROY UK

Our shared responsibility

At KILROY, we won't walk away from our responsibility when it comes to sustainability. Making travel sustainable is not a one-man-job. It's a team effort between us, our partners, competitors and our customers. We see it as our responsibility to kickstart initiatives that support the process of making the world a better place to live for the next generations. And we truly believe travel is the ultimate way to break boundaries and inspire change. 


That's why our approach reflects a broader take on responsibility than climate initiatives alone, with our vision on slow and local travel slowly but surely finding a place in the travel landscape. While we're happy to play a part in changing our industry by influencing travellers, we can't get around the fact that air travel makes a large contribution to the release of greenhouse gases, specifically CO2. That's why we've looked into creating a realistic carbon compensation program that's offering more than simply planting trees.


The projects we work with in carbon offsetting reflect this, as they are centred in areas where climate change is one of the key challenges that local communities deal with. With our partnership with myclimate, we compensate the carbon from our own travel, as well as help our customers with a transparent, ambitious solution for offsetting CO2. By choosing to support two specific projects in Nicaragua and Madagascar, we can clearly see and monitor the results of our contributions and how the carbon offsetting funds are being used. Both are high-quality, community-based projects that not only compensate greenhouse gases, but at the same time improve the lives of thousands of people in the local communities.

The projects we work with

The answers to your questions

KILROY's partnership with MyClimate in short

Most airlines, and plenty of travel brands, offer CO2 offsetting of your emissions, but the quality of those efforts varies greatly. At KILROY, we wanted our efforts to be as realistic as possible to generate real impact. That's why we tasked a panel of independent, internationally acclaimed advisors to consult and help us to draft the criteria for a CO2 compensation partner.


Based on these criteria, myclimate was chosen. Myclimate is one of the frontrunners in voluntary carbon offsetting through local initiatives in (mostly) third-world countries. By opting to work with myclimate, these two key priorities were the deciding factor: 


  1. A realistic calculation that makes your flight travel genuinely carbon neutral
  2. A set-up that allows for full transparency and project identification, so we can share with our customers how their money spent on CO2 offsetting is being used.


Our carbon offset model is more expensive compared to some of our competitors. But we feel it's our responsibility to paint the real picture about the cost of offsetting your flights real CO2 emissions instead of offering symbolic compensation. 

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