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Image of a hammock between palm trees on a beach in Belize - KILROY
Image of a river seen through trees in a forest in Belize - KILROY

Travel to Belize - perfect paradise

Belize is perfect for the adventurous traveller. This small country has tropical rainforests, jungles, wildlife, a colourful population and culture, wonderful beaches, waterfalls and unique diving opportunities in the world's second largest coral reef. 

Belize is a tiny country on the Caribbean coast of Central America, wedged between Mexico and Guatemala. Even so, the country contains many great sights: tropical rainforest with colorful life, majestic, green mountains, ancient Mayan ruins and a wide range of opportunities for outdoor activities.

The Belize Coral Reef

On the journey to Belize you should definitely visit the interesting Mayan ruins at Altun Ha and Xunantunich, and then take a lovely swim in the Caribbean Sea. And why not sink below the surface and dive around the world's second largest coral reef? The Belize Coral Reef is on the UNESCO World Heritage List and holds incredible underwater experiences: colourful corals, fascinating fish of all shapes and sizes, giant manta rays and much more. One of the best places to dive is Caye Culkner, and for the more experienced, The Blue Hole is a thoroughly marvelous dive site - it is extremely beautiful. This is not where you take your first dive however, as it's very deep.

Jungle and wildlife in Belize

There are plenty of exotic animals in Belize. There are more than 500 species of birds and especially the beautiful macaws and toucans will excite you the most. There are also lots of larger animals: jaguars, tapirs, monkeys, crocodiles, iguanas, deer, wild boar and many others. Many of these animals live in the country's dense rainforests, but there are also swamps, where it is a bit easier to get to see some of these wild animals.

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