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Welcome to KILROY - filling the STA shaped void in your life

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Why travel with KILROY

Welcome to KILROY, the travel agency that caters to the wanderlust of youths and students across Europe. Much like the beloved Student Travel Association (STA), we understand the void left by their departure and are here to fill it, and then some! While sharing STA Travel's commitment to the youth and student demographic, KILROY prides itself on unique travel experiences, more often than not from small, local companies. Our offerings span a diverse array of travel packages, ranging from round-the-world adventures to personalised tours, to working holidays and volunteering trips.

What sets us apart? We're not just UK-centric; we operate in eight European markets, making us a widely trusted and accessible travel agency. But what truly distinguishes us is our team of travel advisors – all of them curious and adventurous backpackers themselves, the been there, done that & ate that kind of people. Expect to get insider tips, personal advice, and steering you clear of tourist traps. At KILROY, we're not just a travel agency - we're your fellow explorers, committed to turning your journey into an unforgettable story.

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The KILROY Way is our framework for creating unique and remarkable travel experiences that are transformative, sustainable, and fun. It consists of five ingredients: going local, going slow, stepping out of your comfort zone, having fun, and being responsible. These ingredients help travellers to connect with the culture, people, and nature of the destinations they visit, and to reflect on their personal growth and impact.
Learn more about the KILROY Way

Who to use instead of STA Travel in the UK?

Just like STA Travel in the past, KILROY specialises in backpacking trips. As a travel agency with full focus on youths and students, KILROY has all the experiences you're looking for. Whether you want to go on a working holiday, volunteer abroad, want to create your dream trip fully customised to your wishes or simply need intercontinental flights - we can help you out.

We recently launched our UK operations through our first physical store in Bristol, but we will be steadily rolling out to the rest of the country. In the meantime we are also available through online meetings, in case Bristol is just a tad too far away. Online or in person, we're happy to talk travel with you!

Is it worth using a travel agent in the UK?

In the age of online bookings, a simple Google search can provide you with so many possible hotels and activities in mere minutes. But this also comes with a new problem. How do you cut out the tourist traps and find the actual gems? How do you find the experiences you'll actually remember for the rest of your life? It's simple, you talk to someone who knows all the ins and outs of the destination you're travelling to.

In short, it's absolutely worth using a travel agent, especially for young adults aged 18 to 35. Not just to find the best experiences from trusted suppliers, but also to get direct support in case shit does hit the fan. Furthermore, while travel agencies have a reputation of being more expensive, they actually often provide the best value for money, as travel agents know where to find the best deals on flights, accommodation, and activities while managing your bookings and squeezing the absolute most travel out of your budget.

And maybe most importantly (because what is more important than health and safety?), travel agencies can help you stay safe and secure while you’re traveling by providing you with information about the best places to stay and visit, how to avoid scams and simply teach you how to be a responsible traveller - all without scaring you. The world is a wonderful place, but it never hurts for someone to have your back, does it?

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Customer testimonials

Read what our valued customers in the UK have to say about us:


"Very friendly and helpful and quick to reply to queries. Recommend."

Helen Broughton

"KILROY has been extremely kind and helpful throughout my experience. Thank you for all your help!"

Jack Chappell




We are KILROY, and we love travel. We believe that travel is more than just a vacation. It’s a way to learn, grow, and explore our planet. We know that travelling can change you. You’ll meet new people, see new places, and discover new perspectives. You’ll come back with stories, memories, and maybe even a new outlook on life. We want to help you make your travel dreams come true. Whether you want to go on a round-the-world adventure, a group trip with like-minded travellers, a gap year to volunteer or study abroad, or a meaningful holiday to immerse yourself in a different culture, we’ve got you covered.

We are not your typical travel company. We create tailor-made trips that suit your needs, interests, and budget. We work with the best airlines, train networks, surf schools, adventure suppliers, and NGOs to give you the best value for your money. We also care about the impact of our travels on the world. We want to travel responsibly, respecting the places and people we visit, and supporting the local communities. We want to make the world a better place through travel.

Our team of over 100 passionate travel consultants has travelled to where you want to go. We have helped 180,000 travellers annually (pre-Covid) to have amazing travel experiences. We have 13 stores in eight countries across the Nordics and Benelux, and most recently here in the United Kingdom.

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What has happened to STA Travel?

During the Covid-19 pandemic, our friends at STA Travel UK unfortunately ceased trading due to the travel industry abruptly coming to a hold, and no bookings coming in to keep the company afloat. As there was no successor ready to take over, STA Travel Ltd closed its doors. A sad day for young people and students across the United Kingdom, until now! KILROY is jumping into the space left behind by STA with full confidence, and we plan to stay!

Who was STA Travel?

If you're reading this and thinking, who the ''beep'' was STA travel, let us quickly fill you in. Just like KILROY, STA has its roots in the student unions of yesteryear. KILROY stems from STSS (Scandinavian Student Travel Service), which was founded by the Nordic student organisations who after WWII united in trying to make travel accessible to students.

STA has a similar story, reflected in its name, which originally stood for Student Travel Australia and was founded by the Australian Union of Students. After a bankruptcy and several ownership changes, the company was eventually rebranded to Student Travel Association. In recent years the company was known under the retronym ''Start The Adventure'', to try and captivate the broader travel market beyond just student travel and working holidays, and the travel agency had a major presence in the UK's high street.

With the dramatic impact of covid-19 on the travel industry, STA unfortunately had to cease trading, but as we like to celebrate our shared origins, KILROY is proud to continue the legacy of affordable student travel, and excited to have landed in the UK to help you plan your future travels!

Ready to plan your next adventure?

We know we are more than ready to help you out. Whether you've already worked out exactly where to go and what you want to do, or if you need some inspiration or help to decide - we're here for you. Reach out through the button below and let's talk travel!


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