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Peru Hop | Peru & Bolivia

Image of Lake Titicaca which is shared with Peru and Bolivia in South America - KILROY
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Image of a church in Arequipa against a mountain backdrop - KILROY

From Lima to Cusco and/or La Paz, via all the impressive sights on the way you don't want to miss out on. Lake Titicaca, Altiplano and Arequipa - they're all stops on your journey! With the Peru Hop bus passes you can easily travel throughout both Peru and Bolivia with the convenient Hop-On Hop-Off concept. You get all the flexibility for a low price. Perfect for every backpacker!

  • With Peru Hop you only need one bus pass that covers all your bus journeys – no need to research local bus tickets and routes!
  • You'll be picked up at your hotel/hostel, or a nearby pick-up point if you've booked an Airbnb. 
  • Get off the bus at any stop you like, there are plenty of stops along the route at all the major sights, and even some hidden gems you'd normally pass by.
  • The Peru Hop buses operate every single day so you're flexible in when to travel.
  • There's no time limit, you can do it as quickly or slowly as you like (we suggest slow!).
  • Every bus comes with a guide to who you can ask all your questions about Peru, and you can always get some extra tips and suggestions as well.
  • Meet fellow travellers from all over the world. It's easy to find new friends and find travel buddies while on the bus. 
  • It's safe and convenient, as for the non-Spanish speaker it's not always easy to find their way around latin American countries.
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The Peru Hop network in Peru and Bolivia

The Peru Hop network in Peru and Bolivia let's you easily visit all the highlights along the way


Included in the price is always a bus pass, with the added benefit of pick-ups at your hostel/hotel. You get an English-speaking guide so for non-Spanish speakers it's the most convenient option. Peru Hop also offers discounts on specific tours and at plenty of restaurants in places along the route. 

Meet like-minded travellers

Travellers using Peru Hop are mostly young backpackers, like yourself. Wanting to travel independent and adventurous but also safely, the bus passes from Peru Hop are a great way to discover Peru and Bolivia while meeting new people and making new friends to travel with!

Independent travel

With a Peru Hop bus pass you travel by yourself. There's no guide with a flag you follow around, you just get the transport and the opportunity to ask for advice, recommendations and any other questions on the bus. When you get off the bus, you can make your own path and do as you please OR get together with fellow travellers you met on the bus or in your hostel.

Stops at highlights & hidden gems

Don't miss anything on your trip through Peru and Bolivia. And even if you do, nothing prevents you from backtracking and using your bus pass to the max! The Peru Hop buses stop in all the major areas, so you won't miss anything of the stunning nature and culture that Peru offers you. No need to follow a predetermined program, just enjoy the slow travel by bus and take your time exploring at your own pace.

Comfort & safety

While there are plenty of local bus routes throughout Peru and Bolivia, it can be daunting to make sense of the departures and timetables, especially if you don't speak any Spanish. Peru Hop is making it as easy as possible, with pick-ups at your hotel/hostel and English speaking bus guides to make sure you end up in the right place while relaxing in a comfortable touring car. There are daily departures so there's no need to plan ahead!

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