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Faye Intro Profile

Travel expert in Bristol

Since I was little my parents have been taking me and my siblings across Europe. When I turned 9, they decided it was time we all had our own backpacks on and were camping, hosteling or road tripping around instead. There were times I needed a chocolate gelato as a bribe to get to the next stop, but all these trips made me want to see more of the world.  

After finishing my A-levels all I had planned was to go on a gap year across Southeast Asia with nothing planned beyond that. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic I was not able to do the big trip I planned and after eventually making it on some trips, I was still unsure what to do with my life. All I wanted to do was travel or talk about travelling and that led me to work at Kilroy to be able to live through the amazing adventures we plan for other people and continue my own travels. 

What is your favorite travel destination? 

My favourite travel destination so far has been spending a month travelling in Bali. Making new friends, celebrating my 21st and many unforgettable moments such as a sunrise trek up Mt. Batur for the best sunrise to unexpectedly being a VIP at the infamous Finns beach club or experiencing local traditions with a fire dance at the cliffside temple in Uluwatu. I can go on and on about being there.  

What has travelling taught you? 

After being in Thailand I like to try and live my life by the Thai saying “Sabai Sabai” meaning just relax. Try to take things slow and enjoy life without stressing about the bigger things or rushing around and not appreciating everything.  

Where is your next adventure?

For my next adventure I will be heading to Tuscany for a relaxing week wine tasting and loading up on pasta. I also have my sights set on a bigger adventure to South America to explore the amazing culture they have to offer, particularly the big carnivals. 

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