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Journey to the Red Centre

Image of Flinders Range in the centre of Australia - KILROY
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Recommended duration

2-3 weeks



Travel type



Flights, accommodation and some activities

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Are you ready for a real outback experience Down Under? Travel through Australia's Red Centre to marvel at the iconic rock formations and fiery coloured landscapes with highlights including Uluru and King's Canyon.


Start your trip in adventure in Adelaide with a few nights in a cool hostel with a great vibe. Explore the city independently before boarding a Greyhound bus headed for the historical village of Coober Pedy where you'll spend the night in an underground hotel. Continue to Alice Springs where you'll join a 3-day tour visiting the Red Centre's most iconic sites, including Uluru, King's Canyon and Kata Tjuta.

Then it's time to head back down south with a flight to Melbourne. Take a scenic coastal drive along the world-famous Great Ocean Road with a few days at leisure in the city to explore independently. 

*From price per person based on shared accommodation

What's included:
  • Flight from the UK to Adelaide
  • 2 nights' hostel accommodation in Adelaide
  • 15-day Greyhound bus pass
  • 1 night in an underground hotel in Coober Pedy
  • 2 nights' accommodation in Alice Springs
  • 3-day Red Centre Rock Safari
  • Flight from Alice Springs to Melbourne
  • 3 nights' accommodation in Melbourne
  • 1-day Great Ocean Road experience
  • Flight from Melbourne back to the UK
  • 2 breakfasts, 3 lunches and 2 dinners
  • All booking fees
  • Services of your own travel advisor
What's not included?
  • Travel insurance (but we can help you with that)
  • Vaccinations (ask us about our discount with Nomads)
  • Meals (other than those included in the tours)
  • Optional activities

Itinerary suggestion Journey to the Red Centre

Home - Adelaide - Flinders Range - Coober Pedy - Alice Springs - Uluru & Kings Canyon - Alice Springs - Melbourne - Home

This itinerary is just a suggestion and can be customised to suit your unique travel plans. Make it longer, make it shorter. Add in the things you want to do. Get in touch with our travel experts to turn this itinerary into your dream trip around Australia.

Adelaide Explore the city

A few years back, Lonely Planet named Adelaide as one of the coolest cities in the world and South Australia as the fifth best region in the world to visit. That's why you're starting your adventure here with two nights in a cool hostel. Use this as your base for exploring the city independently.

Adelaide is often referred to as the Festival City, so check out the event calendar while you're here as there's a good chance something will be on. If you're into shopping and great food (who isn't?), check out Adelaide Central Market.

When you're ready, board the Greyhound bus and head deep into the centre of Australia.

Flinders Ranges Opt to explore the national park

The Greyhound Whimit pass gives you the flexibility to make additional stops on your way to Alice Springs. And we recommend making a detour to the Flinders Ranges National Park where you'll find one of the oldest landscapes in the world. On the way there you can also choose to stop in Melrose and Quorn where you have the opportunity to ride the Pichi Richi railway (from April to October). It's around 6 hours from Adelaide so it's a perfect stop to stretch your legs for a day or two before continuing.

Opt for a hike or drive a 4WD through this epic national park. Check out Wilpena Pound, which is a natural amphithreatre, and worth the sweat if you climb it - the view is fantastic! If you want an even better view you can book a scenic flight ride that overlooks the 100km-long eroded mountain range.

Coober Pedy Spend the night underground

Spend a night in Coober Pedy in a really cool hostel underneath the ground. It's all about life below the ground in this village because of its mining legacy. The locals escape the heat by going into the mines. During the Australian summer it can get up to 50 degrees, so you can understand why!

Coober Pedy might look like a deserted village on the surface, but around 75% of the world's opal is from Coober Pedy. So while you're here, check out the mines and visit the Breakaways Conservation Park.

Alice Springs Gateway to the Red Centre

Continue by bus to the town of Alice Springs, the ideal base for exploring Australia's iconic Red Centre. If you like art, then you're in luck! In Alice Springs you'll find all kinds of aboriginal art.

Alice Springs is surrounded by the MacDonnell Ranges, which means plenty of hiking opportunities, great views and adrenaline-pumping activities, if that's your thing.

Red Centre Safari 3 days camping in the outback

Join a 3-day tour to experience the highlights of Australia's Red Centre. On this trip you'll get to visit Uluru, King's Canyon National Park and Kantju Gorge, just to name a few of the cool places.

Uluru has to be one of Australia's most iconic sights. It might surprise you to know that the biggest part of the rock is below the ground and was created more than 600 million years ago.

You'll be covering a lot of ground on foot over these three days so bring comfy walking shoes! When the tour ends, you'll have another night's accommodation in Alice Springs before heading south again.

Melbourne Head out on the Great Ocean Road

From Alice Springs you'll fly to Melbourne where you'll spend the last few days before departing home. If you want to go home, that is!

Spend three nights at one of our favorite hostels in the city, located in the vibrant district of St. Kilda. This gives you time to explore the city independently, though we've also included a 1-day tour along the Great Ocean Road with a guided walk through an ancient rainforest Great Otway National Park.

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