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Highlights of Japan

Image of a typical bar in Japan - KILROY
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Recommended duration

3 weeks

Places visited

Tokyo, Hakone, Takayama, Kyoto, Osaka, Hiroshima, Miyajima Island

Travel type



Flights, accommodation and touring

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Discover the highlights of Japan on this three-week itinerary that takes you from the neon lights of Tokyo to the spiritual island of Miyajima with plenty more along the way.

Start with a few days in Tokyo to explore the glitzy city before meeting your new travel buddies for a 14-day tour that will take you all the way to Hiroshima at the other end of the island. Along the way, you'll visit some of Japan's most iconic sights, including the imposing Mt. Fuji and the dazzling Golden Pavilion in Kyoto. You'll also spend the night in a Buddhist monastery in Koyasan, meet the friendly local wildlife in Nara and 'nature bathe' in the Arashiyama bamboo forest. 

*From price per person based on shared accommodation

What's included
  • Return flights to Japan from the UK
  • 3-night arrival package in Tokyo
  • 14-day group adventure tour with accommodation, some meals and transportation
  • Booking fees
  • Your own travel specialist
What's not included
  • Travel insurance (but we can help you with that)
  • Vaccinations (ask us about our discount with Nomad Travel)
  • Meals (other than those included in the adventure tour)
  • Optional activities

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Travel suggestion: Highlights of Japan

Tokyo - Hakone - Takayama - Kyoto - Osaka - Koyasan - Hiroshima - Home

This itinerary is just a suggestion and can be customised to suit your unique travel plans. Make it longer, make it shorter. Add in the things you want to do. Get in touch with our travel experts to turn this itinerary into your dream Japan trip.

Tokyo Explore the city independently

Arrive in beautiful, bustling Tokyo! We’ve secured an arrival package for you, so all you have to do is bring your camera and hit the neon streets. Japan is the land of crazy contrasts: majestic mountains, neon lights, epic food experiences and a fascinating history (both ancient and modern), so there’s a lot to capture!

Tokyo Meet your travel buddies and see the sights

After a few days on your own you’ll meet up with the rest of your group for a 14-day adventure tour. Some of the things you’ll experience the first few days in Tokyo with your new travel buddies are: Asakusa to visit Senso-ji, a language and culture class, Harajuku, Yoyogi park and the Meiji Shrine, Akihabara (known as Tokyo’s electric city), Tsukiji Fish Market, a sushi making class and a visit to a Robot Restaurant.

Hakone Travel from Tokyo to view Mt. Fuji in Hakone

You’ll leave Tokyo by train to get to Hakone to see the stunning Mount Fuji. In Hakone you’ll get to explore the city by cable car and even a pirate ship! On a beautiful day you’ll have an epic view of the stunning mountain. You and your travel buddies will enjoy a traditional Nabe dinner and enjoy the sunset over this pretty little town. You could opt for a dip in the traditional bath in the “onsen” if you’d like.

Takayama Enjoy a night in a temple

The next morning you’ll hop on the bullet train through the countryside to Nagoya, where you’ll change trains and take the scenic route all the way to the UNESCO World Heritage town of Takayama. You’ll be staying the night in a temple.

Takayama is an old, picturesque mountain town that will charm you with a glimpse of what life was like in the Edo period. Taste some traditional Sake and enjoy the exceptionally tasty Hida beef and maybe do some archery when you’re done?

Kyoto Explore the sights in this beautiful city

You’ll travel from Takayama to Nagoya to board the bullet train to Kyoto. Kyoto is one of those places that steals your heart immediately.

Over the next few days you’ll experience the Gion district (the best place to meet geishas), visit the Fushimi-Inari Shrine, and see Kiyomizu-dera (one of Japan’s most famous temples). There'll also be free time for you to explore independently - you could check out Nishiki Market or head back to the Gion District to explore some more. We recommend walking or biking to make sure you see as much as possible. The local bus is also a good and easy way to move around and cover more ground.

The next day you'll visit the Golden Pavilion, which is situated in beautiful surroundings. You’ll also get to visit Daitoku-Ji before heading out to a traditional Kendo (Samurai sword fighting) class. Here you’ll be taught by a descendent of a Japanese Samurai. He’ll teach you the way of this respectful martial art.

Osaka Food, Karaoke and castles

The train will take you from Kyoto to Arashiyama. You’ll start off by wandering through the Bamboo Forest (which is pretty Instagram worthy), before climbing the steps up to Monkey Mountain.

Next up is a train ride to Osaka. Here you’ll visit the Dotonbori area, also known as the ‘kitchen of Japan’, for a food tour. Is there a better way to explore this city than by tasting your way through it

You’ll wrap up an amazing day with a final Japanese tradition – karaoke! You’ll have the next morning to explore on your own (or maybe nurse a hangover from last night). Maybe stop by the “AmericaTown”, wander down the Shinsaibashi Shopping District or drop by Spa World? You’ll meet your crew later that evening and head over to Osaka Castle to watch the sunset and grab some dinner at Shinsekai.

Koyasan Drop by Nara Park and enjoy a temple stay in Koyasan

You’ll leave Osaka for a short while to visit beautiful Nara. This town is famously known for living symbiotically with deer and it’s extremely pretty. You’ll drop by Osaka just to pick up your bags before heading out again to Koyasan. To get here you’ll take a mix of cable cars and buses to get to the heart of the mountain.

Koyasan is a beautiful little temple town, and this is your chance to stay in a real, working temple. You'll also get a very special vegetarian meal made from ingredients sourced by the monks in the local area. Next day you have the morning to take in this serene and beautiful place before leaving for Hiroshima.

Hiroshima Immerse yourself in history

The bullet train will take you from Osaka to Hiroshima. After getting settled in, you'll embark on a walk to the humbling Hiroshima Peace Memorial and be educated on the area’s astonishing past. View the Atomic Dome, ring the peace bell and say a prayer at the eternal flame. This incredibly important city will live long in your memory.

Hiroshima Visit Miyajima Island

You’ll travel to the beautiful island of Miyajima, 1-hour away from Hiroshima. Here you’ll see stunning forests and ancient temples, visit the incredible Great Torii and have the afternoon free to explore the serenity of this island paradise.

In the evening, you'll head out one last time as a group for your final day in Japan. Then it's back to Hiroshima for your flight back home. Alternatively, our travel experts can arrange onward transport to the next destination in your journey.

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