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Road Trips

Image of a couple driving a car while the passenger points at a map - KILROY

Head out on the highway

Going on a road trip is a classic way to travel. You get both freedom and independence on your journey and you always get to decide the next stop yourself. Fortunately, there are lots of places around the world that are perfect for a road trip either by car, RV, motorhome, or campervan.

Road trip abroad - where should I go?

Maybe you already know where you want to go, or maybe you need a dash of inspiration because you just can't figure out if it's going to be Canada, the United States, Australia, New Zealand or South Africa? Or maybe Europe?

Should you travel in a campervan or car?

That really depends on you! Do you prefer to stop along the way and enjoy the overnight experience staying in different B&Bs, hostels and hotels? Or are you a nature lover and prefer to set up camp wherever you feel like it for the night?

If you go on a road trip by car, you'll have room for your stuff (and maybe even other backpackers along the way). This is the option if you've always dreamt of cruising through California in a convertible sportscar!

If you go by campervan/RV/motorhome/autocamper, you'll have your living room, bed and kitchen with you on the road. You'll stop in local supermarkets, cook over camp stoves and enjoy your meals in beautiful camping spots and national parks. 

Our travel advisors are more than happy to discuss this further with you, and give you advice and guidance in regard to your specific travel plans. 

Road trippin' the KILROY way!

What is road trippin’ the KILROY Way? Well, we always encourage our travellers to be curious. To open up, and to embrace the unexpected. Stop where you can, go down the narrow side street and don’t get stuck in the camper. Don’t just drive for the sake of driving. Approach new people. Approach new ways of doing things. Explore and be open to changes – that’s where the magic happens.


Design your own trip

Want to travel the world in your very own way? Here's how:

  1. You create your dream trip 
  2. We research the best options and prices
  3. You get personal feedback from a travel expert 

We'll sanity check your itinerary, help you get the most out of your budget and share our best travel tips. It's all for free - no cost, no commitment.

Start creating

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