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The KL to BA

Image of the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur - KILROY
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Combine temples and towers in Malaysia with tango in Argentina on this round-the-world itinerary that takes you to Asia, Australia and South America.

Travel across three continents on this trip that offers delicious street food, stunning coastlines and some of the most attractive capital cities in South America. Start in Kuala Lumpur - colloquially known as KL - where you can admire the famous Petronas Towers and visit colourful Chinese temples. Then it's onto Australia. Land in Brisbane and make your way down the coast to Sydney for your flight to Santiago. Sample Chilean wine in the surrounding vineyards before donning your dancing shoes in Buenos Aires.

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What's included:
  • Round-the-world flight ticket with four stops
  • Booking fees
  • Your own personal travel advisor
What's not included
  • Travel Insurance 
  • Vaccinations (ask us about our discount with Nomad Travel)
  • Accommodation
  • Tours and activities (but we've got tons to choose from!)
  • Meals

Flight route and itinerary

This round-the-world itinerary is only a route proposal for your big trip. If you would like to visit destinations other than those suggested or add in more stops, reach out to our team of travel experts who can help you put together your dream adventure.

Destination #1 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The first stop on your round-the-world adventure is Kuala Lumpur - a buzzing capital city and true melting pot of cultures. And there's nowhere better to experience this mix of cultures than at the local street food stalls, where you can try everything from Chinese noodles to Indonesia nasi goreng.

KL is the perfect stopover destination with great shopping opportunities and entertainment. But consider exploring more of Malaysia while you're here. You could stay on the peninsula and head to Malacca for a glimpse into Malaysia's colonial past. Or you could even hop across to Borneo for the chance to see orangutans.

Destination #2 Brisbane, Australia

Once you've had your fill of Malaysian street food, head to Australia for the next stop on your round-the-world adventure. Here you can enjoy the nightlife and entertainment of the CBD and stroll the boardwalks along the Brisbane River.

Then it's time to make your way down the east coast of Australia to Sydney. Along the way you can stop at a surf camp and learn to catch some waves, enjoy the beach life at Bryon Bay and taste your way around the excellent restaurants of Port Macquarie.

Destination #3 Sydney, Australia

Once you get to Sydney, you can't miss out on the iconic sights that are the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. Enjoy the views from sea level with a boat cruise around the harbour. Or for something more adrenaline-pumping, consider climbing to the top of the harbour bridge.

After spending time in the city, bid farewell to Australia and cross the Pacific Ocean to Chile and your first stop in South America.

Destination #4 Santiago, Chile

Here's your chance to practice your Spanish, enjoy local Chilean wine and soak up the mountain views that surround the city of Santiago. This historic city can keep you entertained for a good few days - trek to the top of Cerro San Cristobal for the best views, shop at the Mercado Central, amble around the ground of the Cerro Santa Lucia and check out the national museums.

The coastal city of Valparaíso is only a 2hr bus drive from Santiago and well worth the trip. Here you can roam the streets decorated with world-class graffiti or for those who prefer a little glam, head a little further up the coast to Vina del Mar - a Miami wannabe in South America.

We've included a flight from Santiago to Buenos Aires in this itinerary. But you could swap that for an overland trip down to Patagonia and fly to BA from there instead. The options are limitless!

Destination #5 Buenos Aires, Argentina

The final stop on your round-the-world adventure is Buenos Aires - the sensual capital of Argentina. Here you can take a tango lesson, throw yourself into the city's passion for football and explore the various barrios with their distinct history and character. And you can't leave the city without trying a real Argentinean steak paired with a heady glass of Malbec wine.

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