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Aerial view of the coastline of Uruguay in South America - KILROY
Image of people walking along a beach in Uruguay - KILROY

Travel to Uruguay - The secret gem of South America

Travel to Uruguay and experience the beautiful, hidden gem on the South American east coast. Most people are unaware that Uruguay has so many fantastic holiday resorts. The most popular resort is Punta del Este, a favourite destination for many celebrities and if you are lucky, you could catch a glimpse of them window shopping on a hot summer's day.

Uruguay is a small country with a BIG heart. Uruguay is set on the same latitude as Sydney in Australia. The climate is mild with an average temperature of 13 degrees during the winter and up to as much as 30 degrees celsius during the summer months.

The beautiful capital of Montevideo in Uruguay

The capital, Montevideo, lies at the mouth of the Rio de La Platas and only three hours across the border you'll find the pulsating city of Buenos Aires, Argentina’s capital city. Montevideo can easily boast having one of South America’s most beautiful streets, Capital 18 de Julio, which stretches from Plaza Independiza and Ciudad Vieja, the old town. The perfect way to spend a Sunday is to stroll around Tristan Narvaja and visit the amazing flea market - it’s a place that offers something for everyone.

Another must during your visit to Uruguay is a visit to the huge indoor market situated in the old harbour district, Mercado del Puerto. A great place to be when hunger sets in, your senses will come to life with delicious sights, sounds and smells. Some great classics to try are chivito, which is a juicy Uruguayan beef served with freshly baked bread. Another classic Uruguayan dish is the Asado beef grilled on hot coal or wood and enjoyed with a glass or two of Tannat wine...yummy!

Glamorous Punta del Este and paradise on earth in Cabo Polonio

Travelling the length of Uruguay takes just over five hours. There are a number of real gems along the way, including Punta del Este, South America's answer to Monte Carlo. The summer months attract the rich and famous from all over the world. Fashion shows and glamorous party one after the other, beautiful beaches filled with surfers, tourists and jet setters.

Not far from Punta del Este is the much calmer retreat of José Ignacio. An old fishing village that is now an oasis for the rich and famous. José Ignacio is the perfect place for relaxing evenings on the beach and great seafood restaurants.

Further north in Cabo Polonio leave your car and arrange for a 4x4 to collect you. Get ready for a trip back in time, as you will not so easily find electricity, telephones or tarmac highways. Instead you will experience endless sandy beaches and sand dunes that dominate the horizon. This is paradise on earth for the traveller who loves nature, wildlife and surfing with the never-ending swell from the Atlantic. You can see wild horses not to mention hundreds of sea lions during mating season tanning on the cliffs. 

Beautiful beaches and pulsating night life - Uruguay has something for everyone

Close to the border of Brazil lies the Uruguayan town of Punta del Diablo. It is a small fishing village, growing in popularity as a tourist destination. This place will make you feel right at home. The locals are friendly and welcoming and there is a feeling of calm harmony, with small cottages along the cliffs and long beaches. There are plenty of restaurants to choose from here. The perfect evening might start with a Caipirinha at Cueva Luna, by the Playa de Pescadores, and after that you can go on to  El Viejo y El Mar and be served a platter of the day's best catch.

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