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Image of the famously tall palm trees in the Cocora Valley in Colombia - KILROY
Image of a woman walking along a colourful street in Cartagena in the north of Colombia along the Caribbean coast - KILROY

Travel to Colombia - raw and passionate

Colombia is raw, it has passion, and the country offers a wide array of atmospheres, from bustling Bogota, to beautiful Medellin, the Amazon jungle with pink dolphins and lush rainforest to the amazing salsa rhythms of Cali, and the fascinating diving of the backpacker paradise Taganga. 

Bogota - the capital of Colombia

Bogota is not only a city of extremes, but a city without limits. When driving from north to south in Bogota you will move through extreme poverty to middleclass lifestyle and to extreme wealth within an hour. The amount of street sellers with at least five mobile phones hanging around their neck, trying to sell you ‘minutes’ is insane. In a country with an economy that mainly exists of an informal sector, the streets are always crowded. Grab lunch for a euro, have your clothes sewn by old ladies, or visit one of the luxurious shopping malls. Then enter the elevator and step out at the 43rd floor to walk into one of the best electro bars and discover Bogota by night from the roof terrace.

Medellin - the city of Botero

The second famous city of Colombia is Medellin and the birthplace of Colombia’s well-known artist, Botero. Next to his museum, you will find many of his statues on the streets. Backpacker hostels are situated in the middle of the party area, cheap, but often very luxurious. Do not be shocked when the ordered drinks come in litre bottles! Still have some energy left in the morning? Go paragliding over the valley and discover the city from a whole new perspective.

Visit the Amazon - See pink dolphins

Do you wish to get back to basics, and explore vegetation, rivers, and fresh air? Is sleeping in a hut something for you? Then a visit to the Colombian part of the Amazon area is a must-do. From here you can walk to Brazil, sail to Peru, or have the indigenous people sail you into the area in a kayak. Play with monkeys, go fishing for piranhas, sail in the only area in the world where you can find pink dolphins, visit indigenous people speaking their own language, walk with a machete through the jungle - experience it all in the Amazon in Colombia.

More places to go in Colombia

Do you still have some energy left? Then go to Cartagena, the largest colonial city in Latin America. Sleep in the colonial part, jump aboard a horse with carriage and explore the beautiful coloured houses. Go to Santa Martha, from where you can get to backpackers’ heaven Taganga. Here, you will find great diving and excellent courses. From this little village you can visit Parque Tayrona, one of the most beautiful natural parks in Latin America. If you still have time left, go to San Augustin. Chat with the locals, ride a horse and go through the valley and observe beautiful ancient statues. Have your birth date explained according to Maya wisdom, after which you can jump in a boat for some level 3 and 4 rafting.

Best places to visit in Colombia

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