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Image of snowcapped peaks in Argentina's Patagonia seen through the windscreen of a car - KILROY
Image of penguins in the far south of Argentina - KILROY

Travelling to Argentina - the Great Adventure

For many travellers, Argentina is the starting point of an adventurous trip around South America. It's a country that, despite its large size, is easy and relatively cheap to travel around. Argentina offers all manner of fantastic experiences and loads of different regions, each with its own characteristics. It will be a journey that will take you from one of the world's greatest natural wonders in the north, the Iguazu Waterfalls, to the impressive Patagonia in the south.

Buenos Aires - Argentina's elegant capital

The elegant and sensual city Buenos Aires is the cosmopolitan capital of Argentina. It's a lovely place to start a trip to South America and acclimatise to the Latin lifestyle. The city is divided into "barrios" or quarters that each have their own character and atmosphere. Buenos Aires is not a city of concrete tower blocks, but rather a city where you can absorb the atmosphere, meet the locals, enjoy one of the best steaks in the world and, of course, take part in the ubiquitous and seductive tango.

Iguazu - the wildest waterfall

In the most northern part of Argentina, on the borders with Brazil and Paraguay, is the world’s most extensive waterfall system, the Iguazu Waterfalls. This natural wonder is an absolute must-see, even though it is packed with tourists every single day. Your jaw will literally drop in awe and amazement over the sheer volume of foaming water. It would be an understatement to call them impressive and no trip to Argentina would be complete without paying them a visit.

Salta and Mendoza - mountains and wine

The province of Salta in the Andes Mountains is particularly attractive to people that love to hike and raft. It is also home to some of Argentina's best-preserved colonial architecture. Don’t miss the region’s most popular attraction - "El tren de las nubes" (the Cloud Train).

The town of Mendoza is the gateway to the high plateaus of the Andes Mountains and at the same time lies close to the Chilean border. Many of Argentina's most famous wines come from this region and it's a really good idea to take in some wine tasting whilst you're here.

Northern Patagonia - Bariloche and the Valdes Peninsula

Bariloche lies south of Mendoza in the northern part of Patagonia and offers one amazing, turquoise coloured mountain lake after another, surrounded by huge pine forests. Enjoy the fresh air, the breathtaking scenery, and throw yourself into the great outdoor activities this area has to offer. Even though Bariloche is fairly remote, it is only a one-hour flight from Buenos Aires, so is ideally placed for a quick break from the pulsing capital.

East of Bariloche, you’ll find the Valdes Peninsula, a nature reserve where only that of the Galapagos Islands beats the variety of wildlife. The Peninsula is a hangout for thousands of sea lions, penguins, elephant seals, and huge whales. These impressive creatures come here each year to mate.

Southern Patagonia - Ushuaia

Snowcapped peaks, rugged mountains, fantastic glaciers, and an endless, merciless landscape - such is southern Patagonia. Highly recommended is the Perito Moreno Glacier that is exceptionally beautiful and intense, especially close up where one can watch gigantic blocks of ice breaking away. The area offers great hiking and impressive views.

The town of Ushuaia is commonly known as the world's most southerly town. From here you can access the Tierra del Fuego (the Land of Fire) or sail to the Antarctic (if your budget permits).

Best places to visit in Argentina

Our recommended places to visit in Argentina are coming soon.

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