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Aerial view of the La Tomatina festival in Spain - KILROY
Image of a Burro Taxi in Spain - KILROY

Travel to Spain - The favourite in the South

What do you want to experience on your holiday? Sunbathing, rockclimbing, festivals, fishing, diving, delicious food and old cathedrals? Well, Spain has it all! It's been a favourite tourist destination among the Brits for a very long time. The biggest reason for this is Spain's wonderful climate with mild winters and hot summers. Geographically this country offers great mountains in the north, national parks in the south, and lovely beaches on the coast and all the surrounding islands.

Cities of Spain

If you are into culture, or big city vibes, head to Madrid or Barcelona. There's also the charm and cultural opportunities in beautiful cities like Sevilla, Bilbao and Valencia. In Andalusia in southern Spain, don't miss the beautiful and historic city of Ronda. Andalusia is also home to Malaga, which is a popular low season getaway for Brits.

The Spanish cuisine

If you want delicious food during your holiday, Spain is just the place! Fresh ingredients and tasty dishes will give even the pickiest person a culinary experience out of the ordinary. The proximity to both the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean (depending on where you are located) means that many dishes often include seafood and fish delicacies.

The Spanish national dish is tapas. It is a fashionable and enjoyable way to eat and socialise with friends. Tapas are served in small portions, and you will order around six or seven different Tapas dishes for a meal. Everyone shares the Tapas, and the conversation will often be around the food you are eating. 

An ocean of opportunities

Depending on where in Spain you want to go and how long you want to stay, there is an abundance of choices. If you only have a couple of days to spend or a long weekend, go for one of the big cities. If you have more time a good idea is to rent a car and drive between the wineries in the Rioja region. You could also hike in the Doñana National Park, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage list. There is also a possibility to go island-hopping between the Balearic Islands (Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza, Formentera and Cabrera).

Ibiza & Formentera

Ibiza is famous for its wild parties where the world's best and biggest DJs play. It is not unusual to see celebrities party here. But Ibiza is a lot more than "just" a party island. In the north part of the island is a fantastic coastline with a very harsh and dramatic scenery. Here you can find empty beaches you will have entirely to yourself, even during the busy summer months.

Ibiza is a crazy party island with world class clubs, but you can also visit Formentera, its calm and restful little sister. The beaches on Formentera are pearly white and among the best around the Mediterranean. The island is very laid-back and will give you a feeling of the real Spain. Since the island is flat and not very big, it is easy to explore it by bike, or even better, by motorcycle.

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