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Image of a coastal resort in Italy - KILROY
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Travel to Italy - La Dolce Vita

Italy has, for many years, been a popular destination in Europe. Not strange when you think about how much Italy has to offer in regard to both culture and nature - icons that have made the country famous for centuries. Where to start? Pasta and pizza, like you cannot get anywhere else in the world - it is, after all, the birthplace of these fantastic dishes. Or what about the '3 Fs' usually associated with the country and what the locals live and breathe for: Food, Football and Ferraris.

Rome & Milan

The country's exciting history and its breathtaking cities, with Rome in the lead, offer a historical rush, from the Colosseum and other ruins of the Roman Empire, to St. Peter's Cathedral in the Vatican. Milan in the north is the fashion, design, and financial capital with beautiful, stylish people, gorgeous town squares and churches (don't miss the impressive Duomo Milano) and, of course, the two football rivals: Milan and Inter. Close to Milan in the north, you’ll also find the beautiful Alps and Lake Como.

Italy's many cultural cities

Don’t forget the Leaning Tower of Pisa or the romantic gondolas and canals of the floating city of Venice. Other classics are Florence and Bologna, with their well-preserved churches and squares, narrow streets and lovely restaurants. Verona and Naples also deserve some attention, for similar reasons. Naples is also the home of Pompeii, the famous city buried by an eruption from the volcano Vesuvius in the year 79 A.D.

The boot and the ball: Sicily & Sardinia

Throughout the island of Sicily, you will find gorgeous sandy beaches with deep, clear bays alongside beautiful cliffs. You will also find the very Italian city, Palermo, with its ever-present and noisy street life of scooters, markets stalls and temperamental taxi drivers. The villages are also not to be forgotten. They're full of ambience, charm, and fantastic food.

Sardinia should also be mentioned. It's further out in the Mediterranean Sea in the direction of France and Spain, and is popular among divers. The water is crystal clear and full of shipwrecks. Sardinia is also known for its long, white, sandy beaches, craggy landscapes and - again - the cosy villages with good food and wine.

Take a road trip or get your hiking boots on

Italy has many regions that are perfect for both hiking and driving holidays. Tuscany is very popular. Its picturesque landscape and brilliant vineyards attract thousands of tourists each year. The distance between towns is short and it's a perfect area for hiking as there is a wide variety of hiking trails to choose from.

The Amalfi Coast

Another famous region is the Amalfi Coast, south of Naples. This coastline stretches from Sorrento to Salerno and is known for its beauty and small, charming villages, which seemingly hang from the mountainside over the sea. This area is without a doubt one the most beautiful in all of Europe. Try, for example, the cities of Positano, Ravello and the tiny city of Minori. In the eastern part of southern Italy, you should check out Calabria.

Italy: The perfect country to start a European tour

If you are a planning a trip around Europe, then Italy is the perfect place to start! There are many ferry connections from Bari and Brindisi to Greece, or over the Adriatic Sea to Croatia, and in the northeast around Genoa and the coast by Cinque Terre (another beautiful area you shouldn't miss), you’ll find connections to the French Riviera.

Best places to visit in Italy

Our top recommendations on where to go in Italy are coming soon.

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