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Image of the city walls of Dubrovnik in Croatia - KILROY
Image of a sailing boat in a scenic bay in Croatia - KILROY

Travel to Croatia - a pearl in Southern Europe

A trip to Croatia will likely be a very pleasant surprise with plenty of sun! You will find that you can get the best of the Mediterranean for cheaper prices than you would in more well-known countries. Croatia receives fewer visitors than Spain, Italy, and Greece do, but that is slowly changing. So, if you crave irresistible beaches, a turquoise sea, beautiful nature, a relaxed lifestyle, delicious food, and sunny weather, why not travel to Croatia now before everyone else does? This country is simply astonishing.

A string of beautiful islands

You should not travel to Croatia without visiting its many wonderful islands. The country has the Adriatic Sea to its left, with Italy on the other side of it. This beautiful part of the Mediterranean offers a perfect string of islands with warm water for swimming. Croatia is much like Greece, perfect for island-hopping. Try the island of Vis if you want to taste great local food and wine. Go crazy on Brac if you’re into adventurous watersports. If you prefer unspoiled nature, check out Mljet. A fourth island, Pag, has the best beach parties and nightclubs of all the islands.

If you're looking for a wild night out, be sure to hit up Kalypso, Papaya, and Aquarius. In contrast, the tiny island of Palagruza offers peace, quiet and complete isolation. There is only one building on the entire island - a lighthouse that holds two double rooms. However, don’t forget the necessary supplies, as there are no boats coming with deliveries, so you have to bring everything!


In the far south of Croatia, you will find Dubrovnik. This beautiful city has world-class, well-preserved architecture that is simply breathtaking. Dubrovnik is also surrounded by the Adriatic Sea on all sides, which makes it even more irresistible. The Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is filled with beautiful old houses and streets. Dubrovnik also offers easy access to nice beaches and wonderful nature.

Once in Dubrovnik, we strongly recommend that you also visit the city of Split. It is located further up the coast, so make sure you also stop in the nice resort towns of Makarska and Podgora on the way.

Central Croatia

Away from the coast, more centrally in the country, you can find the Plitvice Lakes National Park and the capital city of Zagreb. This park, also on UNESCO’s World Heritage List, is especially known for its characteristic mirror-like emerald lakes. Located in a mountainous area, these lakes are surrounded by dramatic limestone cliffs at several sides. When the lakes overflow, you can see small waterfalls forming in the cliffs above, creating a heavenly view. If you take your time to wander around, you’ll also notice that the lakes change colour. This phenomenon is dependent on the minerals in the water, as well as the angle of the sun.

If you travel further northeast, you’ll get to Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. This is where the old and the modern Croatia meet. The city has a mixture of skyscrapers, historic monuments, and typical Eastern European concrete suburbs. Don’t forget to see the Catholic cathedral and the impressive National Theatre.

Sunsets and seafood

If you want to end your trip with more time spent on Croatia's irresistible coastline, why not head north? We recommend an island called Krk. Despite its weird name, the island is blessed by fantastic sunsets and brilliant seafood. Though Croatia has remained under the radar for quite some time, it is just waiting to be discovered.

Tours, trips and activities in Croatia

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