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Image of a stupa in Nepal with colourful prayer flags - KILROY
Image of a guide looking at a map of the Himalayas in Nepal - KILROY

Travel to Nepal - home of the majestetic Mount Everest

Snow-covered Himalayan peaks, incredible trekking trails, and the spiritual energy of old traditions held in temples, that’s what Nepal is all about. The country is both mysterious and magical and you will most likely be drawn back to visit Nepal more than once! Nepal is definitely a land of sublime a scenery and cultural treasures. It is home to the imposing Mount Everest and seven other mountains ranked in the world’s 10 highest peaks. Even though Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world, it is extremely wealthy in culture, wilderness and beauty.


Kathmandu is the busy capital of the country. It functions as a hub for backpackers and trekkers. Colourful prayer flags and a shimmering while stupa draw travellers, as well as Tibetan pilgrims who come to experience the spiritual energy of Bodnath. The temple of Dakshinkali is another religious place to visit. Hanuman Dhoka (Old Royal Palace) can be found in Durbar Square in the old town. This is an interesting sight as it reflects the traditional architecture.

Spirituality in Nepal

A central characteristic of Nepal is the calm, encompassing presence of Buddhism. Make sure you pay a visit to the Bodh Gaya to truly experience this. This is the legendary place of Buddha’s Enlightenment, and the temple Mahabodhi is fantastical. In the same area, you will also find the Buddhist University of Nalanda. It has 10,000 pupils.

In Kathmandu you’ll find several historical and sacred sites. Don’t miss Bodnath, the largest Buddhist stupa in Nepal – a stupa is the spire on a Buddhist temple.

Nature in Nepal

You might also want to visit the Royal Chitwan National Park. This beautiful spot offers great wildlife experiences on a jeep safari. Spot the extraordinary single-horned Asian Rhinoceros. If you are really lucky, you might even spot leopards and tigers. Canoeing along the Rapti river in Royal Chitwan National Park is a worthy experience as well. Also consider Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve. This less-visited park is great for peaceful bird and animal spotting. It serves as home to the wild buffalos, deer, crocodiles and dolphins.

Visit Pokhara

When travelling to and around Nepal, you should cross paths with the small city of Pokhara. Its placement by the lake area draws lots of backpackers and adventurers. This is a good place to stop by before your trekking or rafting trip and take a look at the outstanding Himalayan peaks. Tranquility and the humming of meditation practitioners stick to you too.

Mountains and trekking in Nepal

The Everest region is not to be missed on your journey in Nepal. We don’t expect you to climb Mount Everest, but Nepal is known for some of the best trekking trails in the world. There are three regions famous for teahouse trekking in Nepal: Annapurna (3 to 28 days), Everest (6 to 30 days) and Langtang/Gosainkunda/Helambu (5 to 18 days). For some of the treks, you’ll need to get a permit beforehand. It is always good to think about weather conditions while planning your trekking trip. In December and January the weather is clear, but cold. If you want something easier, mountain flights offer an amazing scenic experience of Himalayan range.

Best places to visit in Nepal

Our recommendations for the best places to go in Nepal are coming soon.

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