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Aerial view of an island in the Maldives - KILROY
Aerial view of an island and its surrounding coral reefs in the Maldives - KILROY

Travel to the Maldives - paradise islands

The Maldives are irresistible with white beaches, turquoise sea, blue lagoons, colourful marine life and swaying palm trees. With a temperature of around 30C every day of the year, the Maldives is a dream come true at any time. Tasty cuisine, friendly people, and tons of relaxation opportunities make this country worth visiting at least once in a lifetime. You can also go island-hopping between the islands of the Maldives.

Tropical paradise

Maldives has the most beautiful tropical islands in the world. On the Maldives you can enjoy great diving, snorkelling or delicious local food. Seafood, mainly tuna, is the most prominent element of the Maldivian cuisine. Arabian, Indian and oriental tastes have given their flavour to local dishes as well.

Male – A tiny capital

Male, the capital city of the Maldives, is one of the smallest capital cities in the world. You can visit the old bazaar area or the fish market where you can see local fishing boats known as “dhonis”. On the northern waterfront there is the local market full of small stalls filled with local produce, mainly from the atolls. Admire the 400-year old Friday Mosque, also called Huskuru Miskiiy. Visit the Islamic Centre, whose golden dome adorns Male’s skyline. The mosque is big enough for 5,000 people and it has an Islamic library, conference hall, classrooms and offices. Mulee-aage is a one-hundred-year-old palace built by Sultan Mohamed Shamsuddeen III, just in front of the Friday Mosque. Next to it is the National Museum.

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