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Hop On - Hop Off: Cape Town to Johannesburg - Return


Hop On - Hop Off: Cape Town to Johannesburg - Return

Optional Routes Add Ons

It’s also possible to take side trips to Coffee Bay and Port St. Johns using a shuttle bus, please note the shuttle bus tickets are not included in the ticket price. These stops can be added on locally and are marked on the route map in white.

It is also possible to take add on a shuttle bus through the Southern Drakensberg Mountains/Lesotho, information on accommodation and the shuttle bus can be arranged locally and again is not included in the price.

What’s included?

Extra expenses at the destination


Does my Baz Bus ticket include accommodation?
Your Baz Bus ticket does not include accommodation. There are hotel/hostel pickup and drop offs at every stop.

Should I book my accommodation in advance?
Most people prefer to play it by ear and book hostels as they go along. During the busy summer season some places do get full and we do recommend booking a few days in advance, especially for double rooms. When you log in to book your travel dates you can see which accommodation we drop off and pick up at. There are many options at each stop.

Local transport

As well as an unbeatable safety record, Bazbus is also famous for its punctuality and comfort. In Africa, where things often run later than scheduled, we are very proud to say we achieve a 98.5% on-time arrival for each trip.
Our buses are 16-seater semi-luxury buses with trailers capable of carrying surfboards and bicycles.


Your Baz Bus Hop-on Hop-off ticket does not include meals. The Baz Bus does stop at various places along the way, giving you the chance to stretch your legs and purchase any snacks or meals.

Additional info

Am I too old to take Baz Bus?
Baz Bus is for all the young at heart. We strive to be an enjoyable and friendly bus company, where you can meet great people on the buses and still have the independence to do whatever activities you wish on route. If you feel young, Baz Bus experience can help you become a better beach bum, adrenaline junkie, culture vulture, wildlife fundi, party animal or a bit of all.

Is it safe and viable for me to travel alone in Southern Africa?
It sounds like Baz Bus experience is just what you need! It is a safe option because we offer a door to door service. You are never really alone, just smile at your neighbour on the bus and soon youll be rattling on about exciting travel experiences. All the hostels and adventure centres offer fun activities and tours so you'll never have a dull moment! They will also inform you on the necessary safety precautions and the do's and don'ts of the place. So sit back, relax and enjoy your journey.

What should I bring?
A sleeping bag (bedding is available at most hostels)
A backpack and daypack (to help you travel light)
A credit card (accepted all around S.A but not at some hostels)
Your passion for independent travel

Can I bring my surfboard, mountain bike, stereo and chessboard with me on my fabulous Baz Bus adventure through Southern Africa?
Of course! Our semi-luxury 16-seater buses are all equipped with trailers capable of carrying all your bits and pieces. Surfboards can be up to 3 meters (9 foot 8 inches) in length. You will need to advise BAZ Bus in advance.

What do I do once I have bought my ticket?
Now that you have purchased your ticket; you must make a booking for your first section on the bus. We recommend that this is done at least 72 hours prior to your intended departure.

How do I change my itinerary while on the road?
Once you book a ticket, you will get your unique reservation code on your booking confirmation that gives you access to the HOP LOGIN. Change your travel dates, pick-up locations, and more without ever needing to contact us…it’s that simple!

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