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Image of a dilapidated building facade in Portugal - KILROY
Image of a tram weaving its way through the streets of Lisbon in Portugal - KILROY

Travel to Portugal - Europe's best corner

A trip to Portugal is synonymous with a good mix of cultural highlights and the natural beauty of the beautiful Atlantic coast and the many beautiful vineyards that adorn much of the country. Few countries can boast a history that dates back to the 10th century. Portugal is one of them. This beautiful country offers a range of historical highlights, but the country has so much more. Combine a beach holiday with a stay at a local surf school with great wine experiences at the many wineries to name just a small selection of the possibilities in Portugal.

The Capital of Portugal: Lisbon

Most people begin their journey in Portugal's capital, Lisbon. This is an enchanting and charming city on the Atlantic coast with lots of nice neighbourhoods, great shops and historical treasures. In Lisbon you can experience Portugal's history and proud tradition as a sea nation with colonial power. Lisbon is one of Europe's most beautiful, filled with ancient castles and beautiful areas. Lisbon is situated in a hilly area - this makes the city even more charming. Its excellent street and cable cars will take you to most of the vantage points, so you don’t have to drag yourself up the hills.

Southern Portugal: Algarve, Estoril and Cascais

If you are travelling south from Lisbon, you can hardly avoid putting your feet somewhere on the beautiful Algarve coast. There is much more than all-inclusive tourist resorts and golf courses to this part of Portugal. One example is the beautiful coves and sandy beaches, interspersed with areas of impressive lava cliffs all the way to the water. Some of the Algarve's most popular and fashionable destinations are Estoril and Cascais, which by now almost mold together and can easily be reached by train from Lisbon (you can also fly to Faro). Both of these seaside resorts are extremely picturesque and inviting, while offering a little extra bling, such as casinos and expensive shopping. We also recommend that you try surfing in Portugal as the waves are perfect for both beginners and more advanced surfers.

Cool activities in Portugal - what to do?

Portugal boasts many, many cool activities, and if you're dreaming about an adventure full of beautiful nature and active living, you're in for a treat. 

As mentioned above, Portugal is one of the best surf spots in Europe, and is there really a better way to spend the day than in the waves of the Atlantic Ocean? We work closely with one of the best surf operators in the world and their surf camp in Ericeira offers great waves and a terrific vibe. 

If you're looking for your inner zen, it's also possible to combine surfing with yoga. In that way you get the adrenaline out of your body at sea, and find inner peace back at camp. This combination has proved to be extremely popular in the last few years, and it's a great treat for your body!  

Volunteering in Portugal is also increasing in popularity. There are many sweet projects you can get involved in, such as a wolves conservation project and a food project for the less fortunate people in Lisbon.

Rent a camper and embark on a road trip in Portugal

Portugal is famous for its beautiful coastline and the varied nature inland, and if you want to experience it all in one go and at your own pace, why not rent a campervan and take those wheels to the roads?

Portugal - a Country of Wine

Portugal is an extremely popular wine country. A number Portugal's excellent wineries and producers are located south of Lisbon, but you can find great wines all over Portugal.

Porto is famous for another type of wine, namely port. If you travel to Porto, you might be more interested in strolling around the city's historic district that was included on UNESCO's World Heritage List in 1996. In this charming area of Portugal you can also enjoy views of the vast river Douro, which runs through Porto.

Do not leave Portugal without having spent an evening listening to the mournful Fado at a late night at a wine bar in one of Lisbon's narrow side streets.

How to get there?

Well, it's always easy to fly to Portugal, and with airports in both Lisbon, Faro and Porto you can travel to pretty much any part of the country. 

Another, and more sustainable way, to get there is by train. The journey is longer, no doubt, but the experiences on board the train are something completely different. It's a great way to soak in the nature and the surroundings.

Best places to visit in Portugal

Our top picks in Portugal are coming soon

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