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Xian Culture in Motion and Puppetry Craft Workshop


Xian Culture in Motion and Puppetry Craft Workshop

Day 1: Xian

Experience a captivating journey through time as we delve into the enchanting world of Chinese shadow puppetry. This half-day tour takes you to the heart of this ancient art form at Shuyuan Gate, The Academy Gate Cultural Street, where you will learn the intricacies of crafting and manipulating these mesmerizing silhouette figures. Before the advent of Western cinema, Chinese shadow puppetry graced the stages of China, and it's the very essence from which movies originated. Immerse yourself in the age-old tradition of shadow puppetry, where colorful leather or paper figures come to life, accompanied by enchanting music and singing. This captivating art form thrived in Xi'an over a millennium ago and has since become a renowned intangible cultural heritage. During your visit to Wang's Shadow Puppet studio, you'll gain insight into the art's rich history and its contemporary renaissance. Be fascinated by the puppet production process and its collaborations with prestigious international brands like Patek Philippe, Hermes, Fendi, and Burberry. Finally, we'll board the public bus for a comfortable journey back to your hotel, where your unforgettable experience will conclude.

Transportation: Xian Hotel to The Academy Gate Cultural Street and Back by Public Transportation
Miscellaneous: English-Speaking Guide 

What’s included?

Local transport

Xian Hotel to The Academy Gate Cultural Street by Public Transportation

The Academy Gate Cultural Street to Xian Hotel by Public Transportation

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