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Tandem Skydiving Lesson


Tandem Skydiving Lesson

Location and time:

Delta 200 Airfield - Brakkefontein road, Cape Farms. A 35-minute drive north along the R27 or West Coast road (8km North of Melkbosstrand). You can choose to make your own way to the airfield, or include either a private or shared transfer to/from Saltycrax.

Time as per your booking & Availability.
30 min travel to get to the airfield, 15 min ground briefing, 20 min aircraft ride, 30 second freefall, 5 minute parachute ride to ground, and 30 min travel back. Total of about 3 hours.

Bad weather may affect our operation status. Check with Saltycrax to confirm operations BEFORE departing for the airfield.


General good health. Age, history of major illness, injuries or operations may exclude participation. You must be able to lift and hold your legs aloft prior to and during the parachute landing. The maximum weight for a tandem passenger is 100kg (220lbs/15.75 stone). Please note that this is the absolute maximum permissible weight. Passengers are weighed on arrival to facilitate loading of the aircraft.

What's included:

Skydive & all operational gear
You can also choose to include either a private or a shared transfer to/from Saltycrax

What to wear:

Comfortable clothes, e.g. jeans/pants or shorts and a t-shirt or sweatshirt and well fitting, lace-up type shoes, with no heels, hooks or snag points.

Contact lenses and/or spectacles can be worn as normal. We provide goggles to wear during the skydive including goggles that fit over spectacles.

What to bring:

Sense of adventure, cash for food and drink, credit card for additional services, sunscreen and a hat.

Please note that you will NOT be permitted to take any cameras, cell phones or other loose objects on the aircraft or the skydive.

What’s included?


Not included

Additional info

You can purchase Handycam HD Video and Still Photographs on a USB Flash drive for an additional R800

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