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Kunming Chronicles: A Day of Historical Discovery


Kunming Chronicles: A Day of Historical Discovery

Day 1: Kunming

Commence your adventure by taking the public bus or metro to Green Lake Park (also known as Cuihu Park). Please note that the transport cost to be incurred for the day is covered by your own expenses. This serene park offers a captivating glimpse into the morning ambiance of Chinese parks. Early risers can see the harmonious practice of tai chi and qigong, both revered for promoting physical and mental well-being. Others engage in friendly matches of Chinese chess, Go, or Mah-jong.

Following your exploration of the park, your journey continues to the historic Yuantong Temple, dating back to the Tang Dynasty (618-907). This temple, aptly named "the Temple of understanding everything," is renowned for its unique setting. Your city center tour begins at the iconic Golden Horse and Jade Rooster Memorial Archway, which has graced the old city of Kunming for over four centuries. These landmarks align along an east-west axis and symbolize Yunnan as the birthplace of the Golden Horse and Jade Cock, serving as the city emblem.

Your next destination is the East and West Pagodas. The East Pagoda, an ancient Nanzhao period structure, stands at an impressive height of 40.57 meters. Adorned with four bronze fur birds at the tower's peak, it is affectionately known as the Golden Rooster Tower. Meanwhile, the West Pagoda, also known as Huiguang Temple Pagoda, boasts a history spanning over 1100 years and has earned its place as one of Kunming's treasured sights.

Continuing your exploration of Kunming's historical charm, you'll head to Nanping Pedestrian Street. In Kunming's storied past, Nanping Street was the epicenter of finance, commerce, and entertainment, keeping its downtown allure. This vibrant street encapsulates the rich blend of commerce, culture, and entertainment that Kunming has to offer. During the tumultuous years of the Anti-Japanese War, Nanping Street was home to 48 financial organizations and was affectionately referred to as the "Wall Street" of Kunming. The tour ends here, you're now free to return to make your own way to the hotel or continue exploring the vibrant surroundings.

Miscellaneous: English-Speaking Guide, All Entrance Fees as per Itinerary 

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