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Guilin to Yangshuo by Motorized Raft


Guilin to Yangshuo by Motorized Raft

Day 1: Guilin

Meet your English-Speaking guide in the lobby of your hotel and head together by car or van to the pier. From here, embark on a motorized rafting adventure, unfolding the picturesque Li River before you like a living canvas of natural beauty and local life. The tranquil waters are flanked by lush karst mountains, their majestic peaks rising dramatically from the horizon, adorned with dense vegetation and occasional waterfalls cascading down the cliffs.

As your raft gently glides along the river, you'll see the harmonious blend of nature and local culture. Along the banks, traditional fishing villages come into view, where fishers in bamboo rafts expertly cast their nets, carrying on the time-honored methods of their ancestors. You may even catch sight of cormorant fishers, a unique practice where fishers use trained birds to catch fish. Local farmers can be seen tending to their crops, working diligently in harmony with the land. Water buffaloes, an integral part of the rural life here, can be spotted idly grazing by the water's edge, adding to the idyllic scene.

Your English-speaking tour guide will be a valuable companion throughout the experience, providing you with cultural insights, sharing fascinating stories, and answering any questions you may have about the region's history and customs. Upon reaching your destination, whether it be Xingping or Yangdi (depending on water level), your river journey concludes, and you'll continue the adventure by taking local public transportation to Yangshuo.

Transportation: Guilin to Guilin by Car, Van or Minibus, Guilin to Yangshuo by Motorized Raft, Yangshuo Pier to Yangshuo by Public Transportation
Miscellaneous: English-Speaking Guide 

What’s included?

Local transport

Guilin to Guilin by Car, Van or Minibus

Guilin to Yangshuo by Motorized Raft

Yangshuo Pier to Yangshuo by Public Transportation

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