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Flavors of Shanghai Evening Tour


Flavors of Shanghai Evening Tour

Day 1: Shanghai

Embark on a 3.5-hour journey through Old Shanghai's clandestine culinary world, nestled discreetly within the lively French Concession. Make your own way to Jing' an Temple Subway Station where you will be joined by your English-Speaking guide. Get ready to savor over 10 delectable dishes, complemented by unlimited beers and soft drinks. Visit four esteemed sit-down restaurants and conclude your culinary adventure at a craft beer bar.

Start your gastronomic odyssey with a tasting of Xiaolongbao, Shanghai's famous soup dumplings, at a beloved local dumpling establishment known for rivaling even Michelin-starred tourist destinations. Dive into iconic Shanghainese cuisine, including the renowned Pork Belly, skillfully prepared over an entire day to honor top-quality ingredients, at a farm-to-table restaurant. Stroll through the serene streets of the French Concession in the company of your knowledgeable local guide, sipping on a refreshing cold beer. Sample Shanghai's signature noodle dish, Fried Green Onion Noodles, adorned with a generous helping of crispy green onions and infused with a secret blend of seasonings.

Conclude your evening at a nearby craft brewery near South Shaanxi Road Subway Station, indulging in locally crafted beers while soaking in the modern ambiance for which Shanghai is celebrated worldwide. Expect delightful surprises along the way as the itinerary adapts to daily vendor operations and availability, ensuring an unforgettable experience. The tour ends here; you can continue exploring the areas or return to your accommodation on your own arrangements.

Meals: 1 Dinner (Evening Food Tasting, 10 Dishes)
Miscellaneous: English-Speaking Guide 

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1 Dinner (Evening Food Tasting, 10 Dishes)

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